To Breathe or not to Breathe

There was a lot to this dream, and I remembered it when I woke up but I can’t remember it all now.  Me and a lot of other people were on a boat in the ocean. Suddenly there was either a storm, or something, and the boat was broken, we were all thrown into the ocean.  We had two options when we hit the water.  We could open our mouths and allow our bodies to sink to the bottom, and drown.  This option wasn’t terrible, it would be painful for a moment when the water entered our lungs, but we were confident that it would just be a transition to another realm.  That was actually a nice and comfortable choice, because the process would only take a moment, and after we could rest and be comfy at the bottom of the ocean, as if nothing had happened, and continue “living” our lives together.  The other option was to hold our breaths when the water came up, and work to stay above water.  This was a good option too, because the hard work would pay off for a good life, in the future.  

Fast forward to another dream (unrelated).

I was with a group in the ocean. We were doing whale photography.  Huge giant whales, the size of houses, were swimming with us.  Our goal was to try and take photos of them, with ourselves int he shot as well.  They would swim over head or behind.  Some people were getting great shots, but others weren’t.  The teacher was criticizing the students if they pointed the camera up towards the surface of the water (oh we were all deep under water), and had the light in them. She said it was creepy.  I realized no one was wearing scuba gear, just free diving.  I also realized I was almost out of breath, and started swimming as fast as I could towards the surface. I was a bit panicked because there was a long distance to go and no breath left.  



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