A trip to Jeju and Galway

After four evenings of reading a book I probably shouldn’t be reading, going to bed, and having scary/sad/depressing dreams, I gave it a break, didn’t touch the book, and put some amethyst and celestie beside my bed and went to sleep hoping for sweet dreams. YES.

We were in Jeju, but it wasn’t the normal Jeju. I was so happy to be there! It was reallly fun and exciting. I recognized lots of places (but they weren’t the real places, they were places I had visited in my dreams, when I have dreamt of Jeju).  We went into a building, Charles, Bee and I, and were wandering through.  It was a restaurant, with different levels, and we were exploring.  We came to this spot in the staircase that was like a wooden slide, Charles jumped on and slid down “weee!”, and I went down on my feet like a surf.  Then we realized that the ajumma who owned it was behind it.  She said we might as well clean it while we were there, and we were happy to do that.  Then she asked us our daughter’s name, and I told her.  She said her daughter’s name was Hyunee or something, but that her English name is Suzi.  I though it’s funny that our English baby doesn’t even have an English name.  I could tell that Suzi was trying to think up an English name for Bee, so I quickly said that her English name was Lavender.  She wrote it down, and asked me how to say it again (I thought, it’s pretty obvious, it’s the same in Korean).  Then we were eating there, and I was eating pizza. I thought “SHOOT!!!! Why am I eating pizza when I could have had delicious Korean food!!”.

We went downstairs, and there were other kids.  The moms were talking about how they would see Bee on Monday, and I realized they thought she was signed up for pre-school or something there.  I had to explain that she wasn’t.  We went outside to look around, and the feeling was so good.  There were lots of expats everywhere, and I recognized people here and there.  

Mom and I were looking through buildings in town and realized we were in someone’s house! It had lots of blue flowery wall paper in it.  I remembered bing there before when I had helped my friend Erika look frantically for someone she had lost.

Then we were walking through a forest on the outskirts of town, my mom, Charles and I at first.  This really really really tall Korean guy there, and he said he would lead us.  I had an umbrella that could left me up, and  I went up and go on top of his shoulders.  It was safe feeling there. I didn’t want to be too heavy or burdensome for him, so I used the umbrella to support some of my weight.  We were going through the forest, when finally it parted and the ocean was there.  It was an unbelievable shade of blue, silver, pink.  We gasped and I said “this must be heaven”.  There were different kinds of whales swimming in the ocean. Beautiful.  Then, mom, the tall guy and I were flying in the air, and I looked down and I could see Galway.  I asked if it was, and mom said yes, she remembered a warf there. The tall guy said it was, and pointed to the spots.  He said he had to go but would see us later, and he flew down to another small island to wait.  

Mom and I were left in the air, but I had my umbrella.  At first it couldn’t support us and we were falling quite quickly, but somehow I got the hang of it. I knew we needed something, so I called tinkerbell, and she sprinkled us with fairy dust, and we started to fly/float comfortable.  That’s all I remember from that dream!

Fast forward and I was with friends at a cocktail party/dinner, all of my friends from Korea.  Amberly and Tracy and I were having pictures taking together, and somehow they all came out so beautifully!

I had another dream that a man lived under our deck, a t our old house.  He was building a house by himserlf, it looked almost paper mache.  He was reallly small, but my dad was being kind by letting him live there out of the elements.



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