Workin Workin

My husband and I had bought the local convenience store (which has been out of business for quite a few years).  We opened it up and were running it for the public. But, we hadn’t finished the renovations.  My husband had stocked the shelves, and I asked him “Has this food expired?” I realized we hadn’t ordered anything new, but we were trying to sell the stuff from years ago.  I though “How on Earth would we be able to figure out how to order things?! We should have things like fresh bread, and supplies”.  I was fretting over these things, and customers were coming in.  Someone brought a VHS up to me, so they could rent it. I fumbled around thinking I would have to take it out of the original case and put it in a clear one with numbers on it.  Where would that be? Could I skip that step? I found a stack of numbers on the shelf, and added one to the movie, but thought I should probably organize the rest of the movies too. How would we ever get everything running?  How would we have enough money to buy all of the inventory? Did we have to spend our own money?  People were commenting about the store and  tried to explain saying it was a “soft opening” that we were still getting ready but wanted to share our experience with them all.  

My next dream, I was back at my old job in Fville.  They had rehired me, even though I was so busy with my new job, and also with the new store we had just bought (ha).  My position was a little higher than before.  But I noted that there was another young girl in my last position. It irked me a bit, because my boss had told me that that position would be eliminated and not refilled.  I wondered about this and wanted to protest.  She needed help and I would have to help her.  So, since it was summer, there were summer students everywhere, but they were kids.  I decided to go see my old co-worker, R, to say hi.  When I got to his desk there were two kids, about 8 years old talking to him.  When the left, I peeked in to say hi. He was so shocked, and he started crying. I thought he was crying because of me, but he said he had the flu and would have to go home for a week; he was just packing up.  I went back to my desk, and two kids were there to assist me.  They were laying on the floor, and rolling around and I told them “Sit up now. You must be professional”.  So they did, but it was hard to keep them in line.  I realized they were so young.  They were 2 years old! They had to go to the bathroom, so I had to pick both up and take them. OMG is this my job to do?! So I took them to the bathroom for them to go.  
Also somewhere in that dream, we were talking about perfume. I was saying how I could use water based perfume, and not the “other” (?) kind.  My aunt M wanted to see what it smelled like and wondered if she could use the same kind. I said it smells like me! If you smell it, you would recognize it right away because I use it every day.  I said I tried not to wear much in my last department, because R is allergic to scents.  Then I wondered if he had gotten sick because of my perfume. I hoped not.

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