Safe Safari

We had moved into our new house, and it was big, light and spacious; I loved it.  It came with a lot of furniture that we didn’t need, so we were selling it. I was happy because it was some extra money for us, and easy money at that! People would come pick up their items, which we had posted online, and pay for it.  One person came to pick up a white comfy chair.  When I went to get it, I realized that it was actually just a hand held lamp, shaped like a white chair! It had a cord coming from it. Oops! I was sorry to the guy, and said I hadn’t realized it!  He wasn’t angry, he just understood the mix up. I said he could still buy it if he wanted to, but not sure if he did.  

Then it was time to go to bed.  There were a lot of people there, in this huge space.  People we knew, and people we didn’t know.  There were beds, here and there. I took Bee and my husband to find a bed.  There were beds and couches here and there.  I saw that Madison was sleeping on Bee’s princess bed which kind of annoyed me but it didn’t really matter since we weren’t going to use it anyway.  I saw my friend Gail and her husband and son sleeping on another bed, all together.  I wondered if she had to nurse him to sleep, but realized she probably didn’t.  Bee, Charles and I laid on a different bed, it was a little small, and I worried Bee could fall off the edge! Then I remembered she should sleep between us, and she would be fine.

Later on, there was a dance competition or show.  There were lines and lines of people doing a high energy dance. I got up and tried to do it, but I didn’t have the energy to do it all.  At the end, they were interviewing a girl and she said she was so proud of herself because she did all the moves and got through the whole thing. I would have liked to do it too.  They were going to announce a winner they had chosen.  They announced it, it was a man who they called a “rep” for one of the sections. I realized it was like an RA at university.  He got up and went to get his award.  He had a backwards had and cutoff sleeves.  

The winner’s reward was a little strange.  It was a walk in a costume in Africa.  They showed the map of Africa, which in this case was very small.  It would take probably 20 minutes to walk it. Maybe 30 min.  The gift was the outfit. It was like a mascot costume I though, like a big bird or cat or something. But, inside of this outfit, you were completely safe from everything, like a robot costume.  So, he walked, and I could see through his eyes too, through Africa.  There was a giant boa constructor on the side of the road, but he didn’t have to be scared because nothing could hurt him. it was so cool, actually a good prize.  He could see all of the animals in Africa, but be totally safe and not have to worry.  



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