Fit for a King

We were at this big open room. Mostly made of stone. There were a lot of people there, and my family and I were hosting some sort of banquet or something. It was sort of a yardsale too. Mostly clothes, not too many cool things to see. There was one night gown I liked but it was way too big, so I didn’t look too hard. Then I had to go to the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom. In the stall, you walk up a couple of stairs, to the BIG hole. You could squat down on the hole, or stand up above it. So weird. Suddenly, a little girl poked her head into my stall and I said “What are you doing?! I was going to use the bathroom in here!” She came in and jumped into the toilet thing, and was floating around. I said that is disgusting! Get out of there! You could get sick! It was here and her 2 sisters, all doing it! I wanted them to get out but they didn’t, so I ran out to tell their mom, so she could go get them. Ick.

Back out at the banquet, it was time to finish. Mom said “Look at all the food! We can bring some home too!”. I expected her to get a big container to pack some food, but she just got a tiny dish. We went to where my husband, brother and sister in law were sitting and started putting mashed potatoes in the container. We just had a little spoon and it was taking so long, so I found a bigger spoon to dish them out.

Behind us, there was a big cleared path through the woods. My Mom said she wanted to go through there, because she rememebered going through when she was a kid and wanted to see it again. I was a little freaked out because it was getting dark, and there could be dangerous animals in there. Suddenly an old classmate Danny went by, holding these HUGE weapon things. They were like long javelin sticks but thicker, made from wood, with a big point on the end. He could use a sort of bow to shoot them. I thought it must be dangerous if he was using that weapon. Then he turned and pointed it right at me. Weird I though. Eventually he switched weapons and put those down, so I told Mom and Dad to take those ones with them through the woods, and they went.

Then I was alone there, with Danny, and he was really scary and creepy. He was really angry deep inside. We were near a bed, and he used the weapon to make me sit on the bed. I decided to just do what he said, so he wouldn’t hurt me. I listened while he talked to me and showed me some kind of weapon or something and finally I could leave. I was looking on the floor, trying to gather up all of my things, and found my God Father’s passport. I wondered how they could get on their plane back to Korea without it. I thought they must be really worried right now, and I should get it to him. Them Danny was laughing and said it was the King’s Bed we had been sitting on, so I had better make it perfect again before he got back. So I tried to smooth it all out nice. There were metal side guards that had to be put up too.

Finally I could leave here. I was leaving in a sort of palanquin or something. When we got to the small village, I knew the king would be there. Everyone had told me that he was very gruff, a bit scary, and never smiled. I looked like Pocahontas, with long black hair, and I was beautiful and stubborn. When I went to meet the king, I think we played a game together. Maybe checkers or chess. I could tell he was very intrigued with me. He didn’t dismiss me but I knew he was interested about me. Then our time was finished and we left. I was talking to someone after and I said “I wish I could see the king again” and at that second he emerged from the doorway. (How luImage


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