Navigating SMU


My friend Lori and I were walking around the mall, and we came to a store.  It was all pink, and full of makeup I thought. It was like my favourite store in Korea. I really wanted to go in but she didn’t want to.  So I said I would run in quick myself.  I was surprised because usually I didn’t like doing something myself, but this time I just went in.  I was looking around, and came to a section with cell phone cases. I was happy bc I could find a new phone case for my galaxy Note, since I can never find one in a normal store, maybe a Korean style store would have one.  There were two guys talking about the phone cases, and wondering who would have a big phone like the note. I surprised myself again but talking and saying “I have a note phone” and they were surprised but said “You do?”.  Then I left, and found Lori and told her about how I spoke to two strangers.  

Then we were back at university.  My husband and I were there, studying.  It was bittersweet because we got to go back to school, but also, we had to leave our precious baby at home with my mom.  One good thing was, we were grown up and married.  We didn’t have to worry about dating and all of the things that went with just going to university. A lot less stress.  Then it was time to go somewhere in the car.  I was driving and we were going down, down, down a hill, with houses on the street,  There was even one for sale.  I thought, it would suck to live there because you would have to walk up that huge hill every day!! I thought maybe if Halifax flooded, we wouldn’t have to worry since the school was on such a high hill!!  Then at the end of the hill, I wanted to loop back around to the school but for some reason I went the wrong way.  The people in the care were trying to tel me which way to go but it seemed like the wrong way, so I went right instead.  Then I tried to use the GPS to figure out where we were going but I just couldn’t seem to get the right address into the GPS.



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