Big Brother- Veto

I was on Big Brother- Canada.  I had been in the house for quite a while (it was actually the house I grew up in).  There were only 5 or 6 of us left.  I thought to myself, I must be famous outside the house- would people recognize me when I went to the store? And I wondered what they thought of me?  They must think I’m a floater since somehow I managed to get this far in the game, but hadn’t made much drama. Oh well.  I realized that soon it would be competition time, it would be the veto competition, and since there were only this many of us left, we would all play.  The winner of the competition would choose who to put up.  In the house, were people from my highschool. Willie, Reika, Sabrina, Josh, and Me (later there would be 1 more person to even out the teams).  I knew that we had to vote Willie out, or we would have no chance.Him and Reika were an alliance and they were really strong.  We were the good team and they were the “bad” team. It was the time we had to get it done.  I had to find Josh to tell him this and Sabrina. I asked where Josh was, but he was out in a field working somewhere. Argh! Finally I found Sabrina, and I tried to tell her quietly, but she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to do that. I begged her and I think finally she agreed.  I was wearing a skirt for some reason, so I ran inside to put a bathing suit on for the imminent competition.  

We were all standing around outside, and Josh had come back. he knew the plan.  There was a HUGE hole in the driveway. It was filled with water and we had to be careful not to fall in.  It was daunting. I joked that it was our veto competition.  Suddenly, they started explaining that it WAS! I had a hard time grasping the entire concept, but here is what you had to do:
The giant whole was filled with water.  There was a ladder going down, on each side (one for each team). You race down the ladder, and you have to find an object, and put it in a bucket.  THen you have to find rings, at least 3, and put them on your arm, swim through a little tunnel loop, and back around to the starting point, then race back up the ladder, and put your rings in your team’s pail.  The team with the most amount of rings at the end would win. WHAT!?
I was worried because I didn’t think I had gotten the whole concept and didn’t want to mess things up, so I asked Sabrina to go first, and she said ok.  So it was time to start, and she jumped in. I noticed that example person never came up to breathe.  How could we hold our breaths that long?  It looked like 20 feet deep.  She did a good job tho and only had to come up a couple of times.  We were racing to finish, and on the last person, she started to come up (another girl on my team but I dunno who), and the BB people said, “Don’t show your rings! Wait for the other team’s last person!”, so when the other team’s last person came up, she ran up too and dumped the rings.
We started counting the rings, and I heard the other team say “78”, and I thought Awwe Shoot, we’re only on 24 and there can’t be over 50 left! But we kept counting, and they added up so quickly.  Suddenly we were at 70 and there were more to count. 70…72….75….78….80! There were still more but we didn’t have to count them! Had we won!?!?!!  And then I woke up.

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