The Riverboat Man

It was a big family vacation, with our extended family.  We had decided to take a river boat locally instead of going on a big huge vacation, and it was so much better!  We went to the house where the river boat guy lived, and it was actually in our village near my house! I thought “What a beautiful place we live in. We don’t even need to leave for vacation.”  We were getting everything set up there, and someone forgot something. I asked my mom if I should run to our house to get it because it was only a few houses down but she said no. She said it actually was too far, it would take too long, so I said ok, but I was proud that I lived so close.  The river boat guy took us on a walking tour first to show us things.  He was about 58 or 60.  As we walked he told us about himself, and how he got started.  His best friend in college was a billionaire, and he funded his startup, which had because very successful and he had become very wealthy himself.  His daughter said that if you had any issue concerning money, this friend (I can’t remember his name, so we will call him Bill) was the one to go to.
We walked around a stone path, and were going to enter a big house.  The riverboat man (let’s just call him Frank, I don’t know his name), was excited to take me to meet Bill. It was now just the two or us.  He had fallen in love with me and wanted to introduce me to Bill, his best friend and business partner.  We entered the house, and I started thinking. I was 28 and he was 30 years older than me.  Would Bill think I was just dating him because of his money?! I thought about it, and thought “No, I have so much fun with Frank, I love being around him, it’s really not about his money.  Now I can see how young people really could be in a real relationship with a MUCH older man, and it not be fraudulent”.  So, we started up the stairs, to Bill’s bedroom, where he was in bed.  Frank went in first, and so excitedly told him about me. I stayed outside the door because it was awkward. I was dressed in a really cute dress.  The Frank motioned for me to come say hi, so I popped my head in, and smiled and said “Hi” and popped back out.  Bill had approved of me, but somehow I worried he wouldn’t.  As the days went by, I got to know Bill quite well, and Frank and I spent the days with him at his house.  I had quit school or my job and thought that this had better work out or I had a lot to lose! After a couple of weeks, my parents called, to check on me. I could tell they were a bit worried, but thought it would be fine.
One day, I had to leave the house and go somewhere. I took a board game with me.  I had to cross the border for some reason.  On the bottom of the board game, I had written something about stealing it from that crazy billionaire woman Lucy (or something, who must have been a mother to Bill), and that I had lifted a credit card too.  That wasn’t true, and I didn’t know why I had written that! When I got to the border, .they were checking out the board game, and I was praying they wouldnt turn it over and see the note I had written!  The guy was looking for a date on the game, and he had looked at every side except the bottom, and I was playing dumb.  He said he’d just take me to the side to check it out with me.  So I took his hand, and walked to the side. I had hoped that if he fell in love with me too, then he would be easy on me!  I could feel that he was very kind, so I hugged him.  Teenage girls were like “You guys hold hands?!” and I thought that it probably looked pretty weird too. But I found myself happy and safe.


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