Model Camp and Royal Baby

I was at some kind of camp or something.  But an indoor one.  I’m not sure but it seems like some kind of model camp, where we would be doing photo shoots ect.  One girl was telling us about how Cover Girl had been after her to do a fresh face campaign or something.  They had seen her photo, with some kind of message about French and English in Canada and the unfairness, and wanted to do a spotlight on youth and opinions, ect.  She wasn’t sure if she felt like it and we were all like “ARE YOU CRAZY!?”.  COME ON!  It was morning, and we had to hurry up and get ready.  We all went to the bathroom to wash our hair.  The showers were broken or something, and you had to lay on an old mattress, cover with a flanalette blanket, and wash your hair with a garden hose.  It was taking forever to get through each girl.  Time was ticking, it was 8 oclock and we had to be ready, and done breakfast by 8:30. I thought I’d rather wash my hair than have breakfast, especially since we’d be having photo shoots that day.  I wondered if they would be doing our hair and make up.

I took off all of my jewelry, and was surprised at how many bracelets I was wearing.  And they were all rose gold. I was happy about them. I put them all in  a little bag and into my book bag. I picked up all of my friends little piles of jewelry and money or whatever, and put them in my backpack to keep them safe. I hoped they wouldn’t think I was stealing them.
I waited in line to wash my hair so long. One friend came and said she’d wash her hair too and I told her she had to get in line. I looked back and the line was long. They wouldn’t finish for hours.  So I went to wash my hair, and it was really cold. I panicked at first because I couldn’t figure out how to use the hose.  Also, I didn’t pack shampoo.  There were lots of little bottles of shampoo belonging to the other girls, but I didn’t want to use it without asking.  Finally I came across a huge bottle that seemed fair to use.  I couldn’t seem to get the shampoo all out of my hair but decided it was good enough, and went on to the blow drying station where it was taking quite long to dry my hair.
We were talking about the royal baby, Prince George, and suddenly Kate MIddleton’s mom came in!  She jumped up on a pedestal, bowed quickly and went into a room.  So weird.  When she came out, I was really scared. She was really creepy and a bad guy.  She wanted me to steal the baby and I was so scared. Not of stealing the baby, but because I thought she wanted to hurt me.  My husband was at the end of the large room, playing on a computer.  I held the baby and in a sing-songy voice pretended to talk to him.  I was actually speaking Korea and saying to my husband “HONEY! This woman is a bad bad woman. Please come. Come quick. I’m scared”.  I couldn’t remember how to say “HELP ME!” in Korean, but it worked, and he came quick. I was afraid she would realize what I was doing, especially because I was talking a bit too loud, but she didn’t. She had other things on her mind.  She told me to follow her, and go to my room and put on my pyjamas. (uhh?), so I pretended to.  As my husband, George, and I walked, we tried to work out what we could do.  We came to a place, kind of on the underside of a cliff, with a city still above, and realized that we would raise George as our son.  My husband said he looked more Korean than our daughter Bee, and said “He looks about 3 countries more Korean” (?).  I guess he was half Korean too.  I came to the realization that it sucked for us to have to raise him as our son, because that would ruin all chances of our daughter marrying the prince, since she would be raised as his sister.  The end.
I do remember parts of another dream.  There was lightning outside, and I was scared of it.  We were sitting on the floor, and I asked my brother, would the lightning come in and roll around the floor, and could it come through the window easier if the blinds were open? And he said yes, definitely, so we scrambled off the floor to chairs and closed the blinds.





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