Meeting my Spirit Guide

Okay, we had gone to a party or something, I’m not sure, but there was a psychic. A young girl, my age? It was my turn for my reading. So I went into the room. I was so nervous, my heart was beating out of my chest! She said, what would you like to know? Do you have any questions? I fumbled around not knowing how to phrase a question, wanting to hear from my angels, but then I said “Umm well, is there, any messages for me? Can we start there? I mean, if there’s anything” and she looked at me like “WOW” and said “Ohhh YEAH there are messages”. Your energy is not like the people I read before. And I was excited and curious. I said, “How about work?”. She looked at me, and our eyes locked. Suddenly I could feel a vibration and I knew that I had matched her vibrations, and she knew that too. She was really excited. She told me I was a seer. Suddenly I broke the connection and cried. I said I was scared to follow through. She said it was my job, and I shouldn’t be scared, but I felt it was too much power and was scared to go the whole way.

Somehow, we continued on with the reading. She said my husband would not be staying at his job much longer, that he would have an offer from Day and Ross, and actually oversee quite a large area as a manager. Then, without my asking, she started talking about life times. She said some lifetimes are short, some are long. Some are kind, some are not, none are better than others. She mentioned as she spoke, and used her hands to explain somehow, that I had been alive in the 1920’s, and the 1960’s. I could see these were not terribly long lifetimes. Then she ran her fingers, over my arm, starting at the top of my shoulder, to my fingers tips, slowly, showing the path of my current life, which was very long. As she traveled down my arm, it was like a map. I could see different parts of the world, showing a journey, where my life would take completion. I knew where it would end up, but I waited. Yes, it ended in Korea. I knew she was the real deal. To her it could seem abstract, but to me, it was inevitable.

Then, naturally I was in a different room. Somehow, I could hear the pyschic info myself, as though I was wearing headphone. We went through a lot of things. It was my guide giving the information to her. Your guide says this, your guide says that. Suddenly the area of health popped up. I was nervous, and then she said “I can’t stress HOW important it is at this time for you to wear sunscreen. Please please do that.” Then she laughed. Something funny was coming in. She told me “Your guide, he says that you have seen him once. (I racked my brain). During an intimate moment with your husband, he superimposed himself, and hugged you. You knew this, but being unable to place him, you identified him as, and called him (and at the same time, we both said:) “Michael”. Because you had no frame of reference in that moment. His name is Andrew. I could remember. I asked “Did we share a past life together?” and she said “oh yes. Come see him”.

I walked over to a window, and there, standing in the window, was Andrew. Instantly I knew him. And it also made sense about people I had fallen in love with in earlier years, who shared physical characteristics with him. I said “I remember. We were so happy” and I cried a bit. I said “It was us. In Ireland. We were so happy”. I knew, because he was wearing all green, and maybe a shamrock? To remind me? And he said “Yes! It was us!” and we both reverted to slight Irish accents. I was onlly allowed to see him for that moment, and he was swept away. What did he look like? He had dark hair, straight, crinkly eyes and smile. Straight nose.

The End


We were at a big house. There were lots of people there, I think it was some type of party. There are more details I remember, but the creepy part is this: I went upstairs to get something, up high high stairs. Suddenly while I was up there, by body rose from the floor, and I had no control over it. I was so scared. My husband was watching from the bottom of the stairs, as I was paralysed in the dark attic, high in the air. He told me to remember to release ALL energy from my body and I would have to drop. So I concentrated, (I was so scared). and suddenly my body dropped and fell to the floor and down the stairs. I was terrified, and my husband held on to me. The room was full of party goers, and my cat, Twink, was there. I wanted to look back up the stairs, but my husband told me not to.





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