Juice & Jerky

I was on the computer and I got a message on FB from a girl I know when I was young, but was never close friends with, JT.  It was a weird message and knew (in my dream) she had another close friend with my first name, and must have sent the wrong message.  She wrote back an “Oops sorry, bla bla bla” and I said that’s okay. She committed to the message though, and ended up at my house, watching the TV show “Parenthood” with me, in our old house that I grew up in, in the living room.  Suddenly I remembered that we didn’t have cable or anything, how did we get this show? And she said “Oh, I knew you wanted to watch it, so I ordered it and sent it over”. Oh that was nice!  Then we were in the downstairs, in my old room, with her family members, watching a documentary about her. It was so weird. She had tattoos and a shaved head in the movie, and was talking about the mistakes she had made, and the bad parts of her life. I looked at the clock, it was 9:30, shoot, late! I said sorry, I have to go home to put B to bed, (I guess to my current home), and could they let me finish the rest later (it was a depressing and weird movie!). JT said, sure, but can you get me some juice and jerky first? And I said yes.

I went up to use the bathroom before I left. Then I realized that it was their home, not mine.  They had bought it from the people who bought it from us. I had been so curious to go in and see what had been changed, and now I could look around.  In the bathroom, all of the cabinets had been changed to old fashioned orangey oak, like our old kitchen kind of.  Weird I thought, but to each his own. Across from the toilet, there was a mini stove, and a frying pan, with a spatula where they could make eggs.  I got 2 tubes of toothpaste (weird) that I was going to bring down to JT. I went out to the library room, and noticed the cabinets had all been changed to the same oak, As I was walking down the stairs, a grampy was there, speaking another language, wanting me to give the toothpaste to him, and he was kind of mad. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I got the gist.  I also heard him say in Korea “Why do you need that?”. So, I just gave it to him.

I went to the kitchen to get the juice and jerky. So weird, it was our OLD kitchen, from when I was a kid. How had they got it back, since we had renovated it completely?  The same marbled green counter tops, and cabinets. I looked behind me, and the open concept my parents had renovated to when I was in university was gone, and the wall was back up between the kitchen and the living room. So strange.  So, I got a little pitcher of juice and poured it, and looked for a dish for the jerky.  I couldn’t find any bowls, and could only find special plates like “Happy 60th Anniversary” plates. Finally I found a weird little one.

Next I went to my bedroom, which was now next to the entrance of the house.  It was quite empty in there, but I liked that. I thought “Isn’t it scary, if a bad guy came, my room would be the first he would enter. Or, is it like some places, where if you sit in the front seat, the teacher will look past you and go to someone a few rows back?” Then, two other guys from my childhood, G and J, knocked on the door, and I showed them around the house.  THE END.



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