The Naughty List

My Mom and I were driving, to Cville, in the car.  When we got to the intersection, we noticed a truck with square hay bails on back. Not a half tonne, but more like a wide open backed truck, the bails all stacked. Suddenly it took off and flew up into the sky. What the heck! One hay bail fell off and landed about 30 feet from us, and splatted on the ground. Wow, we were glad it didn’t hit us! The truck had flown straight up, and was completely upside down for a few seconds. I wondered why more hadn’t fallen!   It zoomed around, seemingly out of control, right past us. I was scared it would hit us! Finally it was done whatever it was doing and landed again.  Strangely, the hay had all turned white. Like snow.  

We looked up, and on a big billboard was a list of names.  It was Santa’s nice and naughty list. We saw that people could write in and tell who they thought should be on the naughty list. So strange, I looked and saw my daughter’s name on the naughty list. I was quite upset. It said her name, then “Flea Market/Craft Show” and then “-Dallas Grant”.  Meaning that Dallas Grant (who is that??) had wrote in and said she was naughty, because of her behaviour at a flea market/craft show. WHAT?! I was so mad! She was never a naughty baby!!!!!!  I was so mad, and felt that it was someone who was grumpy and cranky, or jealous. I was steaming. My mom and I drove on, and I kept thinking about it. Suddenly, a woman from that deal (the list, ect), stopped us and asked for our driver’s license. I said “No way!!!” and Mom said “Just give it to her, it will be better”. So reluctantly I gave her my license. The woman was sitting on a bench in the car, counting 100$ bills, and Mom said “Don’t count your money in public like that with your purse behind you! Someone could steal it!”. I thought that was generous of my mom. I was trying to figure out how to get my girl’s name off the naughty list, and wondering if any harm would come to her, by being on it. I wanted to put Dallas Grant on the naughty list. 




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