The Sneaky Alligator and Other Stories

The Sneaky Alligator

We were driving down the road, on our old road. There were so many deer in the field. We would see a couple, then see a couple more. I said “Look!’ and there was a baby deer with spots on his coat, and his mom.  My dad was trying to take pictures out the window, but they were turning out blurry since we were driving. We saw more as we drove, and my dad said “Got it!”, he had got a good picture.  Then I looked out the other window and saw a giant alligator (like the size of a big cow), and I though he was coming to get us, but he got distracted by the deer.  When we got to the bridge I saw the alligator, pretending to play with one deer, so that deer wasn’t scared, he had his legs playing with the alligator’s mouth, because he felt no fear. I wanted to yell out “RUN! Be careful! He’s tricking you!” and then the alligator snapped up the deer and ate it. We drove as fast as we could to my brother’s house, with the alligator on our heels.  We all ran in, and ran upstairs, We gathered up everyone and ran to the top of the house where there was a secret room at the very top. I was so glad he had a secret room, and thought to myself that I had always wanted one, and now I knew it really was a useful place.  We all laid down and tried to make the babies quiet.  The End.

Styling Teacher
I was in a classroom with my grade one teacher from elementary school.  Suddenly she said she was going to ask two of us to style her outfit with her own jewellery. She chose me and I was so excited! I looked at her outfit, and she was wearing a sporty t-shirt. I went and looked through her jewels and chose two little drop earrings with green stones.  Stones like rocks or crystals, maybe peridot.  I chose a silver charm necklace with meaningful charms, and a gold leaf ring, since mixed metals are in (that was my reasoning).  I explained my choices to the class, and told them that personally I am a statement necklace person and wouldn’t wear a delicate necklace like that, but with her casual outfit, it would look better.   I also had a stone that I held up in front of her, another green one.  I was showing the class that depending on where the stone was, and what it was next too, it would look different colours. The green stone then looked purple, next to Mrs. C. 
Angel Gatok
After I had styled the teacher, I was leaving the school (with was now my university).  A car picked me up, a taxi.  Driving the taxi was a guy about my age, late 20s. He had dark tanned skin, short cropped dark hair and dark around his eyes, but he was attractive, and kind looking.  His name was Angel, and I think his last name was Gatok (?), I’m not sure exactly.  As we drove, I found he was very kind.  I asked him what he did for work, and he said he was a taxi driver (duh).  I was thinking about what I could do for a summer job. I suddenly realized that I had no job but bills to pay for.  How would I find a job?  Then my uni room-mate, Sara, was there too.  She had secured a job. But it was something like a dishwasher at a restaurant. I thought “That is the only type of job I could get too?” I briefly thought of being a waitress but the thought of it turned my stomach thinking of how bad I would be as a waitress, messing up orders, being stressed out. I wondered what I would do.  
I’m not sure what happened next. But suddenly, a girl came up for adoption. It seemed like my cousin’s daughter S, who is 2.  For some reason, Angel really wanted to adopt her. He was passionate about this, and I was surprised that a young single man like him was so passionate, but it gave me a really good impression of him.  He mentioned something about his last name.  Saying that it had once been another variation (Like it was Gatog, and now it was Gatok). It had been changed by a higher authority, and could never be changed again. He told us that if one of us considered marrying him, to know that he wouldn’t be able to change his name. I thought “That’s weird, what man would change his name any way?”.  

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