The Robot Prince

I had a boyfriend, and it was Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl.  We were in love and I was happy.  Somehow, I had ended up missing the school bus (as usual in my dreams!), and I was waiting at my old baby sitter’s house to get on again, when it came around. I looked, and suddenly I saw a little boy running across the lawn, probably about 3 years old.  In his bare feet, and there was still a bit of snow on the ground. I scooped him up to take him back to the house. I couldn’t believe that Marie would let someone escape!  I knocked on the door, and she was so surprised!  I gave him back, and went to wait for the bus again, worried I might miss it. I noticed she was cleaning in her house, and that somehow, her dated and cozy little home looked very modern and industrial.

As I was waiting, my old boyfriend from elementary school (?) was there.  I hugged him and looked into his eyes and realized I was still in love with him too. Sigh.  What should I do?  I was in love with both of them, but had moved on to Penn. Seeing this old boyfriend made me question what I should do.  

Then, we were walking in a group on a busy street in a city.  The two boyfriends were ahead a bit, when I got lost in the crowd. A gang of people started beating me up and threatening me.  I tried to wave to my boyfriends for help, since I knew they would fight to no end to save me, if they knew what was happening, but I couldn’t get their attention, and they went on. I was stuck with this gang, hurting me, and beating me.  Finally it was just one girl left with me.  As she was about to hit me, she pulled me up and said run! She had my arm, and we ran into what we thought was an old abandoned building with long hallways.  She was a bit chubby and short with dark brown hair, and a pony tail with bangs. Somehow she took off that appearance and was actually thin and blonde.  We were walking through the hall, when we heard someone coming.  We took off running as fast as we could; our life depended on it. The person behind us, we knew, was a leader of a gang or something who would probably not hesitate to kill us if he caught us, or knew we were there. We ran, and ran, and finally came to a dark corner, like an open closet.  We were terrified, and didn’t dare breathe as we hid.

We waiting behind that corner, as it became later, and darker.  I was so scared.  We knew that he hadn’t found us, but I was worried because if someone did find us, we were cornered with no escape route.  Then there were two other girls, not just one, and they were playing a card game to pass the time.  They asked if I wanted to play and I was like “Are you crazy? They are going to catch us!”.  

Eventually we got braver, and moved to a table outside of our closet.  There was a man there, that we assumed was the janitor, or someone else in the same situation as as, and ally, and he played with us for a while.  Suddenly, it became clear that he was a prince, and he owned the building. It was his castle. A little shock of fear went through me.  Somehow, he revealed that he was not only a prince but also some kind of robot villain?  He would wear this outfit, made of metal (kind of like Iron Man), and would go around some kind of track and kill people, or.. umm cars?  Apparently he (as the villain, not the prince) was very infamous, but we had never heard of him.  He didn’t really tell us much about it, we just got a flash of information and then it disappeared.  

I went with the prince, and we fell in love.  We were so happy together. He was very very tall, like 7 or 8 feet tall.  We were walking down a park path together, outside of the castle, with fountains and flowers.  He picked me up and I had my legs wrapped around his waist, as we walked. Since we were royalty, it started a trend, and as I looked behind me, I saw other smaller men struggling to carry their girlfriends this way.   At the end of the day, we went home to go to bed, so happy. Suddenly, I realized that he wasn’t capable of being totally good, and realized he knowingly or unknowingly had lured me in and planned to kill me.  I saw again the evil side of him, as the robot prince.  I got outside some how, and began to run.  There were trees above me, branchy, leafless trees like apple trees. I knew I had to fly away but first I had to get past the trees.  The prince was close on my trail as I sped through the orchard.  Finally I was able to jump up and into the air, flapping my arms in big strokes like a hawk. I looked back, and because he was so tall, the prince was able to reach up and grab me. I knew I had an energy power, and I pointed my hands at him and said “FREEZE” to which he had to do. he was frozen. I said “You do not have permission to kill me”.  And I tried to fly higher. He unfroze and his hands reached up again for me.  His arms had sticky tentacle like things on them which snagged my clothing.  I froze him again, and tried again to fly higher. He unfroze again, and the same thing happened.  This happened a couple of times.

Finally the prince pleaded with me to come back. He said there would be a wedding that day, and that he would really like me to accompany him since that was planned already, and that I would be free after that.  I gave in, and decided I was safe, and went with him to the wedding.  To my surprise, the wedding was for the girl who I had run down the corridor with. She was marrying Mussolini.  Time must have passed even though I thought it had only been a day.  The prince asked if he could get us drinks, and I asked for ice water. Some how there were two of me, and the other part of me asked for champagne.  He went to get our drinks, and I worried that he may poison them.  Should I drink them, or just pretend?  Then I woke up. Strangely when I woke up, I had a feeling that I missed him.



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