The Priest with no Hands and a Bad Park Job

One of our girl friends had been put in jail.  It was so weird, and she was the least likely person to commit a crime.  We knew something was weird, and we had to find the missing information to get her free.  We all looked everywhere, knowing that we would find this thing SOME where to set her free, but it was a secret operation, and we couldn’t let the authorities know we were searching.  Suddenly I had an idea to go to her church.  I went in and went downstairs. I found it! I was so happy! As I was going up, we took communion in the basement, the drink and bread. Then the priest saw me and asked me to come in and see him for a moment.  I went in to his little room.  The weird thing, he had no hands and no feet.  They were cut up, or deformed, but he was a gentle man.  We talked and I said “Wait! Is this a Catholic Church?” he looked at me like I was a little crazy and said “Of course it is.” I wondered why we had never been there before or even heard of it for that matter, since it was right beside our work.  I asked what time Mass was, and he said 9am on Sundays and every evening throughout the week. Wow! Okay I said we would come.    I felt like he kind of was trying to recruit us, and I knew that, but thought well, I don’t have much attachment to our church or priest right now, so why not.  Then I left.  

Our friend was freed from jail, and the rest of the dream was a bit blurry, since it’s now 6pm, and I’m just getting to write it down now.  But, I know we were at a pool, and my friend Jen was there.  She needed extra attention because she had been sick when she was younger with anorexia (not really, just in the dream).  I was surprised by that.  Next, I was in a car driving down the highway. Suddenly I realized I was on the wrong side of the road, driving the wrong way! Oh no! I was in England!  Suddenly I heard the police sirens and knew I was in trouble! I turned quick to a parking lot and drove up the hill.  I tried to park, but the car kept rolling backwards.  So, I drove over the cement parking block then in front of the car, with the front wheels, thinking it would keep me from rolling back, but instead I rolled forward down the hill! Yeesh.



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