Bear Visit

I was driving home and had just come to my house. (The house where I grew up). Oh m y gosh!  Three or Four bears were hanging around the house! Yikes. One spotted me and came after me. I wasn’t in a normal car, it was more like a little electric buggy or something.  I tried to speed off but the bear was on my tail. I zig zagged around which slowed the bear down a bit, but he was still on my tail.Finally I made a run for the door and barged through.  The bear was right behind me, and I slammed the door and locked it.  To no avail, the bear was able to push through the lock quite easily.  As he pushed to get in, I pushed the door to keep him out, bracing it with my body.  
Eventually, my brother came and I yelled for help.  He told me what probably in a couple of hours (A couple of HOURS?! How could I survive that long!?) someone could come and dig a pit and push the bear in.  I was relieved to hear help would come but I didn’t want to bear to be hurt.  I woke up in the middle of this scenario. Pushing to keep bear out, but not wanting him hurt and killed.
Thank you Bear for visiting my dream last night. 

2 thoughts on “Bear Visit

  1. What a cool dream! I have a very soft spot for bears. I have never had them attack me in a dream. When I journey in my mind they act as more of a guide. What significance did you feel the bears held in this dream? Why were they attacking you? There could be a plethora of reasons and I’d love to help you sort it out! I do Tarot readings with dreams if you are interested!! 🙂

  2. Hi Kaycers!

    Yes, I usually see Bear as a guide when I journey as well. Hmm.. when I look closer at the dream, I think that one possibility could be this: If I look at my home (and especially the home where I was when I was a child), it could be a symbol for myself. That Bear was trying to open the door, might have been shining light on a part of myself, and my awareness that I’ve been holding back on. A part of myself that may feel scary to explore (hence the feeling of being attacked?), but Bear, being a special guide was pushing me to open that part/area of my soul/life. Dreams are funny aren’t they? 🙂

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