Weather Girl

I was a weather girl for a TV station.  Every morning I would sit up in a high chair, with my co host, and report the weather.  It was a fun job and I liked it.  Today I was late getting ready.  I was at the house where I grew up, finding something to wear.  I had on a short gray skirt, and was sitting down to put tights on.  The tights were a little loose, and I wondered why?! Would the loose tights make my legs look too big with the small skirt?  I had a pack of unopened neon pink tights, so I opened them to wear. Wait! These aren’t tights! It was a little white shirt with neon pink piping.  It was poorly made and way too small. I showed my mom and she said I shouldn’t wear it on air. I asked her to find me a little sweater and a necklace.  She found it and I was ready to go. I looked at the clock and there were only about 5 minutes til air time. Ahh! Oh! I’m the weather girl, I should know the weather! On the way by the radio, I stopped to listen.  The radio reported 27C and sunny.  I thought about how to report that weather “27C and sunny, now you can enjoy another beautiful and unseasonably warm fall day!”.  

I ran down the stairs to the studio, and I had made me! There were three boys sitting in the chairs that would be filmed.  What? Why are they sitting there? They had Russian accents.  One said “You’re very pretty, want to sit in my chair with me?” I was creeped out and said no.  I asked “Why are all of these kids sitting in the chairs?” One of them said to me “We need a life too!”.  I realized they had nothing to do here, but their teacher wanted them to think they were playing a role.  I saw my High School Vice Principal walked by and I was glad he saw me here. I wanted him to know I was successful, just as much as some of my other friends.   
Finally I found the producer, and he pulled to tall chairs out front for my co-host and I to sit at.  We would be reporting momentarily.  

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