Crystal Vibrations

Someone handed me a present, it was from my Reiki teacher.  They said she had made it for protection for me.  It was a bracelet made of rose quartz crystals. I was so grateful.  She also had made one for me from light blue celestite.  There were a few stones loose that me and another friend B could choose from.  She snatched up three of the same kind and I asked her if I could have one of them, but she said no. I tried to explain to her that she only needed one of that stone for it to “work”.  I got really excited and wanted to explain to her about crystals.  I started saying that everything in the world has a vibration, including us and including crystals.  I said that if you’re vibrating a a certain level, and you have a crystal vibrating differently, the vibration of the crystal could influence your own vibes and help you get into that frame you need to be in, or help you change your frequency for a purpose.  (Is that really how they work?!)  I was so excited about this, but she didn’t care to listenImage


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