Student Competition & Leonardo Da Vinci

I was a teacher, and in charge of my small class of elementary school students. We had gone to a competition, and it was time to compete. Four of my students and I would participate. We got lined up and ready- we had to jim down an aisle (like a bowling alley lane) with our feet together and our arms out. The first student went really slow, and I thought “Yeesh! Speed it up!”. Then it was my turn and I realized it wasn’t AS easy as I had thought. My students were giving up so I ended up going for most of the turns myself.

Then we changed areas, and we were working on something else. One student, a chubby chubby boy, didn’t want to come. I asked hima nd he refused. I went over to talk to him. I told him I would be leaving soon, so move to Canada, and it would be the last chance I had to be with him,a nd I would be so happy if he would join me (I guess we were in Korea). That worked, and he came to join us.

Class finished later, and I was with the other teachers. They were Korean, and the one in charge was named Jinny. She was really cranky! I told the other teacher that I used to know a person with the same name, and same face in another place I had worked. They were talking about a radio show, and said maybe I would be on the show. They thought I would be nervous but I told them I was used to being on the radio, so not to worry.

I walked back to where everything had begun, way earlier in the dream (?), and I had to find my locker. I was wandering around, and I saw a help desk, but didn’t think they could help me. A young guy behind the desk said “Is there anything at all I can help you find?”. I walked up to the desk (there were three guys behind it), and said “Well, I don’t even know how you would help me, or how to ask, but I can’t remember how to get to my locker”. He was happy to help, and asked me my name. He was explaining how to get back there but I wasn’t really taking it in, just pretending I was. He was behind glass, and there was one of those little holes for him to talk through. I put my ear up to it to try and hear him better. When I looked at the other guys behind the glass, I noticed them looking at me dreamily with smiles and their chins resting in their hands, with their elbows on the desk. Oh! They seemed mesmerized by me for some reason! The first guy who I had been talking to, got up from the desk, came around, and told me he would take me there himself.

We started walking together down the hall, and I noticed he was taller than me. He had light coloured hair as well. Suddenly, as I knew he would, he took my hand. I was a little embarrassed, wondering why he held my hand. I was hoping none of my friends would see me, and think I had a boyfriend on the first day of going to this place. His hand was warm and a bit rough. I walked uneasily down the hallway, comforted by his help, but embarrassed about the hand holding.

We were looking at food for some reason. He wanted me to pick out food for meals. He said we should plan ahead. He said we should think about what to eat in every situation. He said “If I broke up with you, what would you want to eat?” And I thought to myself “Break up with me? What the heck?! Are you delusional? You’re not really my boyfriend!”

The End

On another note. I dreamed about Leonardo Da Vinci. He came for some reason. And there was a question asked to everyone. Somehow I knew the answer. It was a question about him, and I answered with something about creativity, and helping foster creativity in sensitive people. About helping them be happy by giving space and nurturing for creativity. I don’t remember the whole dream, but I know that Leonardo Da Vinci loved me, and I loved him too.



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