Two Fishing Monks

I was with a friend, who was new to town. She was moving into a new house, which was actually my great grandmother’s house. She had gone for some reason, and I had picked up her day planner. I ended up reading through most of it, and was looking at the phone numbers in the back. When I looked up, she was watching me. Ahh! So embarrassed. “Sorry! I was just going to add my phone number to your book!”

She started telling me about her job. She worked for my parents, doing a contract job, but had been out with my uncle for the day helping with electrician things and carpentry. My uncle told her that she was the best help he had ever had. She worked better, harder and faster then all the other men. I was happy for her and she seemed so excited. I said “Why don’t you go there to work full time?” She said “but I work for your parents”. I said “Finish up your contract with them, and then work full time for Uncle. If that’s what makes you happy, it will be good for you”.

I walked over to the window, and saw the deck she had built. She had painted it a shiny shiny black, and it looked stunning. Past the deck, was a little stream. I knew that sometimes the water would go up, right to the deck, and at other times, like now, it was back much further.

In the stream, was a little boat, with two Monks, dressed in orange monk robes. They were fishing. I noticed that they had no fishing rods, but were fishing with their arms and hands. Then I noticed that one was in the water, out of the boat. I looked to my friend and asked if the water was cold, and she told me that it was freezing.

Then I looked back up, and there were beautiful white cats on the edge of the water. Some pure white, some with bits of black and gray, jumping gracefully into the water.


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