Brad Pitt Zombie Love

We were at a place, and we were looking through piles of used clothes, trying to find something cute to wear.  There was more before this but I can’t remember clearly so I will just start from here. Suddenly, the ground started to shake.  At first we thought it was a hurricane or a tornado and we were scared.  Then we realized it must be an earthquake! So, we all started running from a small building that was on a big flat open field.  We all ran to the open field, knowing that this would be the safest place in an earthquake. We made sure we were far enough from the small building.  (The building was old and made of gray stone).

Suddenly, low flying planes started to pass of the field.  We realized then that the shaking of the ground was caused by these powerful aircrafts.  There was some knowing that maybe it was aliens? We ran to hide in the forrest that surrounded the field.  
Then, somehow I was on a bus.  There was something weird about the people around me.  I realized they were zombies (what the heck?).  Each person who was a zombie, would move to the back of the bus to sit.  Some non zombie person asked a question and all of the zombies answered at the same time and laughed (that’s how I figured out they were all sitting at the back or the bus).  I knew that they wanted to bite me and make me a zombie.  The zombie life didn’t seem TOO bad and I thought sooner or later it would happen, so I might as well let them do it now.  Besides, Brad Pitt was sitting beside me and he was a zombie so I would just let him bite my neck.  He bit me, and I still felt pretty much the same.  
I wanted to take a picture of Brad Pitt and I on my phone. First I took a pic of our hands since we were holding hands. Then I took a pic of our faces together. I told him it was called and “evidence picture” to prove we had been sitting together. When I looked at the picture, I realized it was my boyfriend from high school and not Brad Pitt! Ack! The last person I wanted to be beside!!
Somehow I got up, and went to a room, and found the REAL Brad Pitt laying on the ground beside another man. I thought that was weird, but didn’t care. I went over and laid down beside him and gave him a hug.  He got up and we held hands and went about our day together, going here, and going there. Doing this, and doing that. (At one point we were looking through a bin of toys and found some old rainbow brite dolls). 
At some point, 2 girls saw us. They were smiling and happy and about 12 years old.  We sensed danger from them and started to run.  Brad Pitt pulled me along with him, and we retraced every single step we had done that day, doing everything backward. They girls were on our tail, and we couldn’t let them catch us.  Finally, we went backwards up the building we had come from and into the window, back to where we were laying on the floor, and down where our bodies had been. The girls were gone. we did it. I realized that it had been a dream, but in order to come back to reality, we had to trace all of our steps back to our physical bodies.  Close call. Thanks Brad Pitt Zombie, I love you.

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