Mountain Friend Sauna

We had gone to Halifax, and my friend M owned a business there. It was kind of like a cafe/pub with music. I was pretty proud of him for doing it.  I was with a friend there, and I was looking around at a record that was his own music, and was thinking I would like to listen to it.  The place had lots of windows facing the street. I realized that I would have to sleep there that night.  
M’s brother J suddenly walked by and I made eye contact with him. (I briefly dated him in university, but have never heard from him again in the past 8years or so).  I reached out my hand to greet him and he smiled and said hi. I said “Let’s sit down and have a chat”.  So, we sat down across from each other at one of the cafe tables.  We looked at each other’s eyes. I noticed that his eyes seemed grayer than the last time I had seen him, and I asked him if my eyes looked the same. He was looking at them and said “They seem bright yellow (yellow?).Wait! I see you with a little girl! (Somehow he could see info in my eyes, or my profile in my eyes. Or my eyes held the most important information about me, or something). Do you have a little girl????” He was so genuinely surprised and pleased. I realized we hadn’t kept in touch and he doesn’t see my facebook, so he wouldn’t know that.
I told him, “Yes! I do!” and I took out a few pictures to show him. I explained that B is half Korean so that’s why she looks kind of Asian. He was really happy and asked me to go get her.
Now we were on a mountain, and I ran up the mountain to get B. I got her and we walked down the steep mountain to meet J in the middle. He said he wanted to take us somewhere. So, we walked down the rest of the mountain together.
When we got to the bottom, there was a door we went into. I realized when we went in, that it was a Korean sauna. I was worried at first because I didn’t want to take all of my clothes off in front of everyone, but then realized that we weren’t in Korea so I wouldn’t have to.  They asked me to take my big sweater off at the door.  I took it off and went inside.  To the left, people were getting their hair done.  In one corner someone was getting a body scrub. To the right you could just go in and sit down. I went to the right. To begin you had to go through a computer system (hand held) and choose options. There were options to get your hair washed. At first I skipped it but then though maybe I should wash my hair since it will be sweaty after. I labouriously browsed through the different shampoos and rinses, trying to just decide on one. Aghhh.  Then suddenly I realized I had lost B! Where was she? Oh no!  And then I woke up.



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