Jamie & Claire

There was a play or filming of the Outlander Series and I was cast as Claire. I was so thrilled and couldn’t believe it.  I was practising my lines, and suddenly wondered if I should be using an English accent. I asked the director, who happened to be my Aunt M, and she said “That would be good! Do you think you can?” I said I could try, but it might be better with an American accent.  Then I found some of my lines and started to practice.  
The place was buzzing, but I hadn’t yet met the actor who would play Jamie. I had seen photos of him and couldn’t wait to see him.  I was wearing a straight red wig, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, it was beautiful.  I was worried that my actual hair might show through and cheapen the look.
They announced that “Jamie” had arrived and would be in shortly.  He walked through the door, and he was so handsome. He saw me through the crowd of people, locked his eyes on mine and said “Holy S***”. I was really pleased.  They bustled him away, and a swarm of girls crowded him. I was in the crowd too.  One girl held her hand out and he took it to kiss her hand politely but she didn’t know and took it away.  I held out my hand, he looked at me and kissed my hand.  Then he took out a magnifying glass and started looking at my arm, teasing me that he was checking to see that my arms were clean.  I knew he was teasing me, and i teased back by pulling my arm quickly away.  The directors were pleased with our interactions.
There was a horse behind him, and I lifted my arm up for the horse to lick. I didn’t want Jamie to see me without my wig and costume, I was afraid he wouldn’t think I was pretty anymore.
I remember in my dream last night (a different dream), that I was knitting/crocheting a scarf for my friend.  It was a long scarf made with different colour stripes.  A section of white, a section of blue, a section of pink, an other section of white, ect.  I lifted it up to see how much I had made.  It was probably long enough to wear, but the ends weren’t finished.  Then I saw her son, who is 2.5, and I put the scarf on him as a little shirt, and tied it at the shoulder with a string ribbon.  It was really girly but he liked it. I gave him a little pair of high heeled shoes to put on to go show his parents. I was interested to see if his dad would be angry with the outfit.  
Another Tidbit- I just remember seeing our old house, and the people who had bought it, they bought a brand new house and put it on the property to rent out and make extra money.  This annoyed me, but I thought :whatever”.

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