A Steep Dark Mountain

My next dream, I was on top of a steep, dark, mountain.   My husband was there as well.  For some reason, we repelled off of the mountain. I was terrified, i didn’t realize that we were attached to safety harnesses at first.  I was so scared.  Four people repelled after us to save us, but their harnesses weren’t attached, and they fell into the dark abyss and died (ahhh sorry). I felt so sorry for them, but could only feel that briefly, because we had to continue up. I decided that was their exit plan. We ended up pulling ourselves back to the top of the mountain.   
Now, we had to climb back down the mountain.  I had a lot of bags.  There were three of four of us there.  I wondered why the person in front of me didn’t help carry any bags.  I asked her and I think she took one, but I had several strapped to me.  It was dark and dangerous. I was scared. I knew I had to be careful because there was no smooth path and there were no foot holes.  It was dark and cold.  As I walked down, I came closer to the end, and finally reached the bottom.  I realized that my husband was still at the top doing something, So, I would have to go back up to get him. I put down my bags and started to go back up. Wow! Now it was smooth and easy, a set of stairs on the mountain! Smooth, old, swept stairs.  I was glad. I went up to get my husband who had been doing something at the top and brought him back down.  

I also had a dream about a remake of Home Improvements, where I was Mark’s girlfriend, but loved Randy (played by JTT).  A dream about our house getting appraised but the handsome appraiser, and a dream about being at a yardsale, and seeing clothes I had donated. I had tagged them all as $4.44. I priced them high because I still liked them and wasn’t sure I wanted to sell them. I wanted to buy some back

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