Family Vacation with Bad Toilets

My husband and I were in our bedroom, and the wallpaper fell down from one wall. I could see all of the other years of wallpaper that had been on before it. I could choose from one of those other years, or I could put the current wallpaper back up.  I decided to go find tack to re-attach the wallpaper. I knew it had fallen before, because there was tape holding it up.  The room was a pretty light purple with light wallpaper. 
When I went out to find tacks, my aunt Donna was there and told me where to find them.  I went to my Mom’s room to look and noticed her toilet. It was so weird, because her toilet was just a hole in the ground, with a cover on it.  I thought my dad might like that because it would be easier to aim on the floor.  
There was another bathroom there, lined with toilets, all together.  Everyone was excited because they had had an upgrade to the toilets. They would now flush! (Eww apparently before they didn’t). I was going to choose a good toilet to use. I asked if the ones in the private area were also upgraded. They said no. You could choose one in the semi-private area that didn’t flush, or you could use one in the fully public area that did. Ick.
Then I went back out with our family. We were actually in Cuba now on vacation. There was 15 or so of us, plus lots of our neighbours.  My uncle S was going to make us breakfast. I was curious but thankful.  I had picked up someone’s cellphone, but it was so old fashioned I thought it was a calculator. I tried to find out who is belonged to but no one was really listening as I read out the numbers. My husband played around with it to see what he could do.  Then I went over to a window and there was a little boy. I don’;t know who he was, but I knew him. I still feel like I know him, as I’m typing this.  He was playing pretend and was giving me a phone to pretend was mine. 

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