The White Bears

We were at a house- iT may have been a vacation house.  I wanted to go outside and play. I had this musical instrument. It was like a stick with wooden looking shells attached that if you shook it, it would make a beautiful sound.  I went outside and danced around the backyard, and shook the instrument.  I had a rhythm going that I loved. I would shake one side and it would make a soft sound, and if I turned it around, it would make a more musical sound. I thought to myself, I should get all of the other kids around to come out and do the same thing. I would teach them the rhythm and it would sound so beautiful.  Suddenly, I sensed there was a bear near.  Just as I turned, a white bear emerged from the wooded area to my left.  It was beautiful, but I ran to the house. I was grateful that the door wasn’t locked.  I watched the bear from the window and called my husband to come see.  I picked up the camera and took pictures.  There were three white bears now.  

Next a dog or wolf came out.  I was worried that the bears would attack him.  To my surprise, the bears loved that dog and they all rolled around snuggling together. I was taking pictures with my camera, but now the camera wouldn’t work.  When I tried to push the button, nothing happened. I ran to get my phone to take pictures with that.  I noticed that there was a strong fast river flowing to the left of the house, where the bear had emerged from. I wondered if that’s why there was so much wildlife.  Did they like to stay near the river to fish and drink?

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