Alien Doppelgänger

I was at my house that I grew up in, downstairs.  My friend A was there and she had a special swaddling blanket.  She was showing me how to swaddle a baby the African way.  It was different because you put the blanket on from the front instead of wrapping the baby from behind.  She showed me a few times on my doll.  I thought I could remember but when I went to try, I couldn’t.  I asked her mom to show me again, thinking if I tried a second time it would be better. I tried again and I was getting better.  I was playing with my doll, and I was burping it and it actually spit up on my shoulder. I was so amazed that it actually spit up!  I was telling my friends there and they thought it was normal. I looked at the other doll there and saw that it just had a tiny hole to drink milk through.

I noticed that a friend, J.T. was posting a lot of whiny complaining stressful things on his Facebook and I wrote on his status  “You need to meditate”.  I thought he would write back some defensive annoying comment but he ignored it and wrote about something else.
It would be my birthday tomorrow so a few people had come over. My great aunt J was there, and she wanted more cake. Even though it was my birthday,  I had to go get it for her. I didn’t mind that much. My aunt M was there too.  When M left, I looked as she went out the door and noticed she took my entire cake! What?! I ran out after her (we were not at my Grammie’s house), across the field, where there was a light snow, and yelled out “Hey! You took the entire cake?” She was shocked I would even question her and said yes she was bring it home for her husband and some other kids. I was so upset, and said “But it’s for my birthday party tomorrow!”. She was so mad and annoyed and said “Fine. Take it then.” I was overwhelmed with sadness, said “I don’t want it now”, turned and cried and ran back to the house.
My mom was so surprised and annoyed with the situation.  
Then things shifted a bit. Aunt M was back and we were discussing why she was being such a you-know-what.  One of her friends, K, said it was because she was very close to admitting she had actually seen a UFO before.  Then Aunt M looked out the window and started remembering.  She was telling us several different stories about what she thought may have been UFOs.  She mentioned she would like to see an alien. I told her just to call out to one and one would probably come. Or to use telepathy.  
Just them, someone came to the kitchen window.  They looked exactly like my mom, with the same clothes and everything. I knew it was an alien, disguised as my mom.  I knew what was happening.  I scratched my real mom’s hand and told her it was for later, because I may need to be able to tell them apart, and that would be the only way.
I was terrified. I surrounded my self with white light protection and desperately called the angels to protect me.  I wasn’t sure if it was working, but I was really frightened. I tried to talk to the alien mom telepathically. She looked at me. Suddenly I started speaking weird alien language. At first, it was just my fake Chinese, and then it morphed into a weird higher pitched mumbo jumbo clicks and sounds.  I wanted the alien to know that I would protect the rest of the people there, and that it would have to communicate me on their behalf.  The alien went to the kitchen and got a tablet, a medicine, and wanted me to eat it. I was afraid of what this was and knew that it could be dangerous or something, so I just pretended to eat it. I knew the alien would know that I didn’t eat it but I wouldn’t submit that easily.  Then I woke up. When I woke up I was scared and uneasy. I called on Archangel Michael for protection and tried to shake the feeling.

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