My Brother’s $5 Million

I was working at McCains again. I was wondering how I got to be working there because I already had a full time job. I was working at a little cubicle beside my aunt M.  I would do my work, surf the web,do a bit more work. It was a pretty easy job.  Someone walked by and handed out a jewelry pamphlet. Then another percent went behind her and handed out a different one. I said “I should hand out my Stella & Dot books too!” A woman heard me say it and said “Oh! I would like to buy something!” She wanted to by the interlock cross necklace and maya pendant.  The next (what seemed like LONG) part of my dream was me tryign to find the prices on my app (which didn’t work), then just guessing and trying to add up all the prices with shipping and tax on my phone calculator (which didn’t work). Getting desperate to get it done, the woman had already left and I was tryign to get it all figured out but nothing was working.  Finally I just decided to do it in my head and ballpark it.  

After that my aunt M, who was sitting beside me said that they would be doing a review about me soon. She said “I bet I’d be scared if I saw what you were really doing at your desk” (Meaning websurfing more than working).  I told her “Honestly, I do all of my work, and always finish it, but what else am I supposed to do?  I always finish it. Sometimes I stretch it out and websurf in between because I know I don’t have much work”. I was starting to get nervous. She said that my boss was going to talk to me soon about the next level job (which meant a higher position) and what it would entail.  I was kind of excited about that! But I also thought that I didn’t want to work there the rest of my life.  She told me that my old co-worker R didn’t work there anymore, that he quit to go work with his son in a garage fixing cars.  Everyone was shocked saying that he couldn’t earn half as much doing that. I thought “But he would probably enjoy it more and have way less stress”.  I also thought I should go visit my friend L if she was still there.
Then it was lunch break and I went outside. I was going to go somewhere (it was actually outside my high school building now, but it was still work). I walked past some people and a school bus.  My brother came to get me, unexpectedly.  I got in his truck and he showed me when he came. He had won $5 million dollars!! I was so freaked out, asking if it was real, and he said Yep.  He had bought some ticket for $100 at a church thing, and grumbled about it at the time, but now he had won! Wow! Unbelievable!  He said “Quit work! And let’s go!” I said I couldn’t really quit work for $5 Million dollars, but I would come. 
Now,my friend T and I  would go to Moncton for him to claim his prize.  I was a little worried about missing work (especially because before I left, I saw a tech guy there checking things on my computer. He seemed nice tho!) but went anyway for my brother. Was traveled for four hours and finally arrived. When I got out of the bus, I thought we were in Quebec, but we were in Moncton.  We went to the place where you go to redeem the lottery.  When we went in, we had to pay about 163$ in processing fees to get in. I told my brother on the phone that T and I would eat a nice supper after, on him. He said sure.  We thought about staying the night, but I didn’t want to miss work. I was already worried about it. 
We went down in to get our money. I accidentally broke my phone screen. SHOOT would I still be able to use it??  I wondered if my brother would share his money with me and my parents. I  wished that he would pay for my mortgage and student loans and then I would be so happy.  I calculated that I needed $145,000 to pay for everything.  
Somehow we got it, and it was all done. But I got lost outside. The street signs were really weird and my phone didn’t work! I couldn’t hear it when it rang and I couldn’t make a call. I had a few quarters but couldn’t get the payphone to work and I was SO THIRSTY ! (I was thirsty because in real life I was thirsty). SOME how I made it back to the original place and I told him “Give me a drink PLEASE!!
And why doesn’t my phone work? And how the heck do I use the payphone??!” He got me a drink but it didn’t help any. He changed the setting on my phone to make it work, and he told me I needed to use all the quarters at once to make the payphone work.

Someone it got all sorted, and next I was at work.  I realized it was a lot different before. It was a casual and really fun, big, business.  My brother was the CEO.. He had created this business with his winnings.  I worked there too and I had worked my way up and had become respected for my opinions in the company.  It was a really fun and exciting place to work.  Then I woke up and got a drink.

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