Message from Sarah

WARNING: Childbirth dream.

I was walking up the hill right before my brother’s house. I was really excited because I was going to a new house that we would be moving into, and apparently it was being paid by some type of housing allowance, so it was free too! I think it was made of wood, and pretty. As I was walking up the hill, I remembered that I was 9 months pregnant, and that it was my due date. I thought about how I wanted to enjoy not having a newborn as long as I could, so I wasn’t rushing it.  Maybe I would have 2 more weeks?  Then I got the signal (?) that labour would start now.  At my brother’s house, or beside it, was the emergency hospital.  About 2 minutes away was the regular hospital. So I went to the emergency hospital to check in.  They checked me over and said nothing was going to happen, so we might as well go home. I noted that I rarely felt the baby move during the pregnancy, and worried a bit if everything was okay. My mom or someone told me to wait a bit, and if I felt the baby start to crown, we should stay (ahh!).  Suddenly, I felt that the baby would be born. I hadn’t felt any labour pains (like I did with my daughter), but I had to push, and the baby was born.  My mom or someone there cut the cord and a bit of blood went all around.  The baby was black (weird because I’m white, and my husband is Korean), and her name was Sarah.  She fluttered her eyes, and then died.  
I walked around the room to go lay down when suddenly a gush of blood and something rushed out onto the floor. It startled and worried me.
We waited while the ambulance from the real hospital came. There were no doctors to tend to me and Sarah, and we waited for 2 hours. Finally a young guy and girl who were paramedics came.  The man’s job was to clean me up. I winced as he used alcohol swabs to clean the blood and sterilize everything. They weren’t very kind to me. They saw the blood on the floor and suddenly worried about it. Which made me worry that something else serious was wrong. I felt so guilty that Sarah hadn’t lived. On one hand I wondered had I done something? On the other, awful and secret hand, was I glad that I didn’t have to care for a newborn?  
Next I was in some type of big arena, for an event. I had to go get a drink or go to the bathroom or something. I went to the wash room, and I was about to go into a stall, but when I walked in, someone was already in there! Oops! I realized it was Sherrie Dillard, the psychic. Oh! I had a little conversation with her, and I wondered if she would spontaneously pass on a message to me, from someone. But she didn’t, she was just a normal person there, and wasn’t really working.
I went to another place in the bathroom, and ANOTHER psychic, I think Jamie Butler, was there behind a little table.  I went to say hi to her. She started saying that she was hearing from a woman named Sarah. I froze and said “Sarah?!” Goosebumps covered my body. She asked if it meant anything to me, and before I answered, she said there was a baby named Sarah there, wanting to give me a message. I was hoping for a message about the purpose of her life, why she hadn’t survived, why the whole situation had happened.
She went on to say “Is there someone who is in love with their best friend? It’s you isn’t it.  She said there’s an opening there now, and that it’s a good time for it to happen”. I said, well I have fallen in love with best friends who became boyfriends before, but right now I’m happily married and I don’t even have a best friend”. She smiled and said “Sometimes that doesn’t make a difference, it’s just the emotion.”  The second thing she said was “You wonder what would have happened if you had married the other one.  Rest assured that had you married him, history would have repeated, the same issues would have happened and your marriage would have ended in destruction and dismay”. I was surprisingly relieved to hear that. I hadn’t thought I had ever wondered that, but I was happy to hear that I had made the right choice in marrying my husband.  
Then she said that I was an excellent candidate and that I should come with her. I would have my own 5 minute personal reading. It seemed that it would be for some type of TV show or something?  She took my hand and we went to a train. I think I was now a middle aged man, looking for answers. (Weird because I am actually a 29 year old female in real life).  I chose some cards from the table. And I was anxious and grateful to hear the message. I briefly wondered if every psychic uses cards to guide them.  Besides the two of us, was one old lady. She was the mentor to Jamie. She was very old and maybe had a scarf on her head?  Jamie looked up to her to ask if she had done everything correctly. The woman said “Yes. Now reverse everything”.  She was training Jamie for something, and making her do things a bit of the hard way.

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