Horses Charging

This was last nights dream, just a part of it.  It’s 4:30 in the afternoon the next day and I still remember it, so I’ll try to write some of it down:

I was driving to visit friend L & S in America.  It would be a longish drive, probably about 5 hours. They had just adopted a baby so I wanted to come visit and meet baby J.  I arrived and was so surprised by myself for getting there all by myself.  Just then my mom pulled in behind me and got out of her car.  Oh, Mom came too!  We talked about the long drive and both went inside. Mom and I both had a bottle of diet coke. I thought our friends might judge us for drinking pop but I needed the caffeine after the long drive. I was also really thirsty. I took a drink with a straw and it tasted a bit salty.
All of our friends were chit chatting and I felt kind of left out.  I felt like I wasn’t the same as them somehow and that they treated me as lesser, which kind of annoyed me and hurt my feelings.  
We all went outside for a walk.  We were going through a hike in the woods.  I was a bit nervous there could be dangerous animals, since where I live in Canada, it’s a real possibility.  We pushed through the forest and suddenly everyone said to run back to the house, a bear was coming. I knew that I didn’t have time to get back.  The bear charge through the bath, mouth open and scary looking.  The bear paid no attention to me or my friends and continued running past, which was a huge relief. 
Just then I looked, and a stampede of horses was coming!  There was a type of fence running through the forest.  The horses were charging along the left side of the fence towards us. AHH!  At the same time, some other type of animal was charging on the other side of the fence.  I’m not sure what? A Llama? What ever it was, had skulls for heads (creepy).  I stood in the middle of the fence as the animals stormed by. Phewf, I survived.  But then they were coming again. My only hope was to stand between the two horses that were charging and hope they didn’t trample me.  I held my breath, as they flew past me, leaving me unharmed.  
Suddenly I realized I had had this dream before. Only a couple of weeks ago. (You can find it on my blog!). Then I realized everything that was happening, I had dreamt earlier.  I was trying to tell my mom and friends that I had dreamt it all before.  I wondered why I would have had these precognitive dreams. What did this all mean?!
I also dreamed at some point that Paul Rudd was my boyfriend. And I also had a dream I was at school trying to get math problems completed. My friend M came, and I was trying to help him finish his as well. 

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