The Curse of the Flying Mattress

This dream is from a couple of nights ago, but I’ve still been thinking about it, so I will write down what I can remember. More of an overview.

We were at some sort of big hotel, or accommodation.  There was a huge room, and along one wall were so many beds.  To section off the “rooms” there was a big curtain the could be pulled between the beds.  They were all open at the end.  My brother, sister in law, and nephew were settling into their “room”. They had two double beds, with a single bed between them.  For a second I was mad because I thought that our room was smaller, but I realized all of the rooms were the same.  So we settled in too.

I was sitting on the mattress, kind of just getting ready. When suddenly, my mattress lifted up (like a ski lift/conveyer belt factory type lift). Oh my gosh!  What was happening?! It was like the factory had picked up my mattress with a big lift and was pulling me down some type of corridor/air belt.  I whizzed through the entire room and out some kind of shoot, still attached and moving very quickly! I had a dog with me, a big shaggy dog, Charlie and I was trying to hold onto him, and onto the mattress to keep us both safe.  We moved outside, and I felt like maybe our mattress was being taken to the dumping area. I wondered how I would get back.  As the mattress flew I saw a little boy on the ground, and I was worried about him. Somehow I reached down with my feet and picked him up and got him onto the mattress too. 

The next thing I remember I was in an auditorium type of place dressed fancy and waiting for a show to start. I was telling my family about what had happened with the mattress.  Suddenly one of my aunts said “Ohhh.. that was a curse.”. I was a little freaked out.  Across from us, on another aisle, I could see the “bad people” who had put the curse one me.  Suddenly more and more members of my family started to appear, and we were waiting for my Aunt B who for some reason, was the leader.  The family members crowded around the “bad people” and I felt no fear at all, knowing that my family’s power would be able to completely overpower the bad guys. 



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