Sibling Rivalry

This dream is from a couple of days ago, so pieces have been lost, but I will share what I still have, since it’s still rolling around in my head.

My mom gave my brother a present. He opened is up and it was too little pairs of shoes. A blue pair and a pink pair.  Oh a pair for G (his son) and a pair for B (My daughter).  Mom said “No actually they are both for G because they are small”. Oh okay, that’s okay.  I wondered why my brother wanted to put him in pink shoes tho. Anyway, he opened another package, and I there were 2 more pairs of shoes. One pair was actually B’s little pink moccasins that Mom had bought for her in Alaska. I said “Oh! Those actually ARE B’s.” A (my brother) said “Nope. Those are for G now”. I said “Well no, they are B’s, that I asked Mom to get her from Alaska, her special shoes”. My brother was insistent that she would not have them, that G would have them. I was so mad, I grabbed them and ran to a room and locked the door. I knew he would break down the door, so I stuffed the shoes down my shirt and tried to think of how to fight him.

He beat down the door, and barged in like he would kill me. I kept fighting him off. He was wearing really weird bright red skinny corduroy pants. I thought that was weird, but I grabbed him by his leg and threw him away from me. I fought and fought until I must have woken up.



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