Selling the Business

The first part of this dream, i was with a friend, downtown here in my hometown. It was Rebekah. I was taking her around main street shopping.  The streets were bustling. all of the shops were full of people and I was really happy. The main street was full of people walking, instead of driving as usual. The business of town made me so happy and joyful.  As I walked around, Bekah ran into a shop to use the bathroom. I realized I had never seen that shop. I looked around and there was another cute shop I had never seen, and also a cute little restaurant! Wow, how had I never noticed these places?  I thought, probably because we only see the places our moms take us to.  Cool! The woman said the shop was closing in ten minutes so please hurry. Bekah bought a really cool leather bag with rainbow stripes on the front for a souvenier for a friend’s baby in Australia, and I thought it was SUCH a good idea. She planned to buy more nice Canadian made purses has gifts. 

When we were all done, I was back in the car driving. I knew it was a dream, but somehow I still couldn’t seem to get where I wanted to go. I suddenly thought “If this is a dream, I should be able to manifest a place I want to be at. I wanted to be at my parents’ work.  So, I closed my eyes for a second, and let snow cover the windshield of the car. If it worked, I would be at the shop when the wipers cleared the snow. I was a little skeptical, thinking that I might just wake up because I had realized it was a dream.  The wipers wiped, and the shop appeared! From this point on I forgot I was dreaming.
I went into the shop, and everyone was clearing things away to sell, or pack away.  I was a little confused.  My dad was on the phone with Martine, the old office manager. He had to call her for a minute but it turned into an hour because she didn’t stop talking and asking him annoying questions.  She kept asking how many he was throwing away. I realized she meant how many boxes of files.  
When my dad was off the phone, he told me that he had sold the company for a really good price. What? I was a little shocked, but also happy. I understood that tho he hadn’t planned to sell it, he was offered a really good price for it and would be crazy not to. Since retirement would soon be coming anyway, it was a good time.  I was on one hand, very happy because I wanted my dad to take a rest and enjoy a hobby.  We thought about another local man who was offered a million dollars for his company but refused it, holding out for better, and eventually went bankrupt and lost the company.  It had been a good choice. 
Then I went to my brother. I was sorry for him because the company was supposed to be passed on to him. He was in an “oh well” type of mood.  He told me that he would probably open up some type of hobby woodworking shop instead.  I asked what about the other people working there?  What wold they do?
The people buying it would take everything out.  It had been sold to the businesses on either side of us, for them to expand. I wondered how the day-old-discount-bread-shop would expand, but understood the business to the other side.  More happened in this part, but I can’t remember exactly.

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