Wolf Encounter

We were at the USA mail box, picking up mail.  It is a private owned company who rents out mailboxes to Canadians.  When we got there, we realized that the owners were trying to sell it.  A couple from another state had come in to look at it.  They had seen the opportunity on the internet and thought it might be fun to move to main and do this business.  I felt sorry thought because I knew that someone else had been lined up to take over the business, but someone with more money would definitely win the situation. (Hmm same as last dream).
I talked with the soon-to-be owner, about Stella & Dot. I showed her necklaces and bracelets and she loved them, and somehow was thinking about being a shipper for Stella & Dot, wondering if anyone had any insight on it. I was happy to tell her everything I knew.  She kept the look book for later.  
We went out into the other room, where she had decided to set up an elementary classroom. I thought “In America everything is so unregulated, so somehow you could just set up a school wherever you want”.  The kids were answering in excited chorus, which made me, for a split second, miss my career as an ESL elementary teacher.  She was passing them out papers, and straws or pencils or something. I thought, it would be easier to give a stack of papers to the first kid in each line, to hand out to their line, and collect the rest later.  People all around the mail room were watching on.
Then the “teacher” had a survey. She wanted to know what we thought about co-operative testing, which apparently meant that two kids worked together to write their tests.  I saw images of plant pots.  Two little trees in each pot, wrapping together. This was the image for co-operative testing. I was VERY very against this. My dad was beside me, and he was also very against it. We talked together about how much we disagreed with it, saying that the stronger student would ALWAYS do all of the work, while the weaker of the pair did nothing. To us it didn’t make sense. I remembered doing partnerships in elementary, middle, high school and even university, being the partner to carry the other through a project or test. 
Somehow now, B and I left. Instead of being over cross though, we were in my town again.  We walked across the bridge, and a little girl looked at us, painted at B, who I was carrying, and said “Where did you get her?  How many did you get? Did you get a dozen?”. She meant where did I adopt her from, and I said, shocked “I made her myself!” The girl said, “Oh, I could tell she was Asian when she smiled, around her eyes”.  Which is true since she is half Korean. She continued walking in front of me and said with a laugh “I guess I really AM a dumb blonde.”  I thought it was so sad that a girl so young would already be calling herself a dumb blonde.
I continued walking up Main Street with B resting against my shoulder. When I came to the top of the street, i recognized the restaurant as some type of sushi place that had told me earlier that kids 2 and under couldn’t come in, but I needed to go in SOMEwhere. So I went in, but it was dark and closed because it wasn’t open yet.
Then I was lost in there and couldn’t figure out how to get out.  I saw an Asian guy and for some reason I complained in Korean that I couldn’t get out of here.  Miraculously he was actually Korean.  He showed me where it kind of looked like an exit. I would have to jump down through all of these hay bails, unsteady and scared, with B on my shoulder. Some how I guess I went down there and the Korean guy came too.  We came to some kind of rodeo style restaurant that wasn’t yet open.  Suddenly though it was filling up. I just wanted to get out of here and back to town because my mom would meet us there.  I found an automatic door, and the three of us went out there. I couldn’t see any exit because it was a kids playground. A scary big man started chasing us! He was mad about something. We ran around and around the playground from him, and realized he was scared of balloons.so I through balloons behind me to slow him down. Eventually, I ran back inside and left the Korean guy to be chased (sorry!).  
We got inside and I saw another set of automatic doors on the other side of the room. We went through those and came to a parking lot type of place.  I was scared we would be stopped, but I could see Town across from there.
I started walking with B on my shoulder still.  There was a rounded bridge, but beside the bridge was a beautiful dark green grassy path.  It had been mowed to beautifully to make a plush path. I walked on that instead of the bridge and thought “This is exactly what I love, I wish I could be here in a place like this all the time!”.  I followed more mowed paths on the way to town.
As I was walking, I saw a wolf coming up behind me. i was scared. He ran to where I was, and I thought he was attacking me. I stayed calm and acted like he was a pet. And he just kind of (slightly scarily) nibbled on my hand. He told me to grab a branch from the tree above and pull myself up.  
There was a man wearing a bright orange fox skin,, and looked exactly like a fox when he ran. I pointed to him and told the wold to go chase him instead (sorry!).  Another man wearing a fox suit strolled up and wondered why I wasn’t wearing my “suit”.  I realized I must be in some other weird time where that was their normal attire.
I kept walking with B on my shoulder.  Two girls dressed in very plain outfits and bonnets came up to me. I said I really needed to get to town, but I really needed a diaper for my daughter because it had been so long and would be so long until we got somewhere.  They were SO excited and I said “Oh, but I can’t use a cloth diaper… it won;t last long enough”. They mentioned something about the people overusing plastic, with cups of plastic junk all around. I saw one trailer house with broken junk around, and realized that here both types of life existed. Natural and fabricated.  I asked them what year it was and they said 1001.  I thought they were confused though because that didn’t seem right.

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