Surprise Trip to Korea

I dreamed we went to Korea for a vacation. I was so excited! I think we somehow had our own apartment. I couldn’t wait to get there.  First we went to visit my parents in law.  When they came into the room, I jumped up to greet them properly. I bowed and said hello in Korean to my mother in law and then to my father in law. (I was quite proud of myself for greeting them well without my husband having to prod me to do it). It was so weird, my father in law looked strange. He looked about 20 years old! I quickly realized that it wasn’t him, but was a younger cousin who had grown up quite a bit since I left, standing in his place. I was puzzled and wondered where my father in law was, but decided to just go with the flow.  We hugged and were happy. The cousin was really excited.

I sent a text message to one of my best Korean friends, that I had arrived in Pyeongtaek (Surprise! No one knew we were coming!).  I realized as soon as I sent the message that he had already moved to America, and that there was no point to send that message.  I sent back a quick follow-up “Oops sorry!” message.  It seemed to be the middle of the night in Korea so it wouldn’t wake them up in America. Then I wondered if he would know who the message was from, since probably his new American phone probably hadn’t kept all of his contacts. I thought I should send a third message to say who I was, but then decided against it since I was already embarrassed.  
I then started thinking about my own phone that I was using, and how it was funny that it still worked since I hadn’t used it for three years, when we last lived in Korea. I loved my pink phone and wished I could use it when we returned to Canada. The only annoying thing was the keypad. I still had to go through all of the numbers when I texted to get the right letters, and I was making a lot of mistakes. I complained to my husband and he said not to worry, that’s how it used to be, and that it was working fine. He laughed and said “Aren’t the keypads a little annoying though?”
Then I realized I would get to see my friend Gail! I was so excited to surprise her! I thought about not mentioning at all that I was in Korea, and sneaking to her house to surprise her. Yay!

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