Christmas Party Game

We were at our work Christmas party, playing games to win prizes.  The current game was one where everyone had to find a tiny snowman stuck somewhere in the room.  When you found one, you could run to the prize table and choose a prize.  I couldn’t play because I was the one who had hid the snowmen.  No one seemed to want to play because they thought it was too hard, so I walked around looking at them and saying “I see one, two, three, four, oh there’s another one”. They followed my gaze and suddenly jumped up to find them.  
One of my best friends T found one and ran to get a prize.  She came back with a pair of pyjama jeans and said “These are SO comfy!” I kind of wished I could have gotten those! Then the people who used to own our house found one. The lady, R, gave it to her husband and he took off running. He was so adamant to get there first that he fell down and slid into the table. He got up and came back with his prize. It was an astrology book with cards. I was quite surprised.
Then my mom said that everyone could go choose something.  I found a house that had lots of little compartments for a countdown to Christmas.  I was looking around everything. There was a nice pair of mens’ winter boots that I would like but they were much too big. Suddenly I saw a HUGE popcorn maker. I decided I would get that for my parents to use in the basement.  My friend Allison was there, and he was trying to get it to work. I kept telling him don’t worry I will figure it out. After a few moments, we realized it wasn’t a popcorn maker, but it was actually some type of basement driller. Awwe man. I went to get back my original prize, but someone had already taken it. i was so disappointed.  I wandered around, and finally found this big fold up table that I thought my husband  might be able to use outside in the summer when he does his gardening. I glumly picked it up, thinking it wasn’t fair.  

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