Wildflower Restaurant Competition

There was a competition at a restaurant.  We were in small groups and we had to put together the best little table.  I had picked a few wild flowers and put them in a tiny little vase on the table, and someone said “Awwwe”. So, I went outside to find more and prettier flowers. I picked yellow, white and purple flowers. Suddenly I realized there were only ten minutes in the competition and I wasn’t really hurrying. Shoot! I started to head back to the building, when one of my team members ran out frantic, yelling for me to HURRY and get back in! Time was almost done! She wanted to take the flowers in and I considered that, but I wanted to be the one to place them in the vase.
I ran as fast as I could and threw the flowers on the table in the nick of time.  I wondered if I would be the one to explain our table to the judges and audience members. Without realizing, it was our turn. A man in my group started talking and explaining. He seemed nervous and he was making not-so-funny jokes. Oops. Well oh well, if we didn’t win it was okay.
Then my husband and I were going on a date at a restaurant.  We could choose one of a couple of restaurants (incluing the competition one). but we chose one to the left with white table cloths.  My husband remarked at how cheap the potato wedge were. Only $1.99 for a big plate. That’s what we decided to eat. 

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