Wolf Spider Houseguest

We had gone somewhere and were coming back home. A friend (I can not think of who she was!) happened to be staying at our house when we left.  We got home, and went into the house and found that her boyfriend was with her at our home.  For some reason he had an obsession with wold spiders (SCARIEST THING EVER.  We used to have these in our old house and they left me paralyzed with fear. Please google wolf spider and I apologize in advance.)  He had them crawling on him, playing with them. He tried to convince us they were like pets. I watched them putting their “arms” up in the air and walking around. Ack I’m getting goosebumps.  Finally they left, but I was freaked out that there might still be wolf spiders left in the house.  I was doing something and found a wold spider skin in a corner. EW!



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