Gymnastics Class

Somehow, I ended up enrolled in a gymnastics class.  It was me and a bunch of kids. Agh how did this happen? I had already paid for my classes so I felt like I had no choice but to do it. I was so uncomfortable and nervous and I wanted out of there. I looked around to see what the least conspicuous activity would be. I saw young girls doing flips and weird rolls, their bodies bending in horrifying ways!  I decided to go swing on a bar. I saw other people swinging around and flipping off. I found a bar that wasn’t too high and wasn’t too low and dangled from it for a minute. Yeesh, this is embarrassing!  I saw people running up strips and jumping and flipping. This was awful. I got off the bar and looked around the gym. Suddenly I remembered that there were several classes going on at the same time, so I didn’t have to try to do what the girls on the other side of the gym were doing, I could just stay with my class. At least narrowing it down made it easier.  Then I saw another girl, who was kind of chubby and jolly and didn’t seem to mind that she was different than the other people. I was so relieved to find her and followed her around and did the activities she was doing. I was so much more comfortable now. Thanks girl!  

In real life this morning, I was looking at t piece of bloodstone on my desk and suddenly remembered a flash of a dream. I had seen a sheet of green stone, about the size of green paper. I knew it was special and wanted to identify the type. The only green stone I could think of quickly was bloodstone, but I didn’t see any flecks in it. I came up with green agate and decided that’s what it was.  I also dreamed that I went to a psychic and was asking tonnes of questions. I wish I could remember all of the answers!  I do remember asking that if my Great Grandfather Gus was ever around my baby nephew, Gus. She said yes of course, but Grandfather Gus was more concerned about someone being named Mandy, after his sister. I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually have a sister named Mandy, though.  



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