I had moved back to Halifax, to go to school.  I found myself in the house in which I had rented a room, in my third year of uni.  My old roommate Lori was there too. It was present time, and I was so surprised she had decided for us to live there again. She was in charge of finding us a place to live. When we lived there before, we had separate rooms; my room was the big room, and hers was the small room.  This time, we were in the big room, and had two bed lined up there to sleep together. I was kind of happy about that because I had often been frightened in that room alone. Also it would be cheaper if we shared one room.

Suddenly I remembered there was an even bigger room in that house, that a couple had rented previously. We ran to check it and it was still there and empty!  It was so big compared to our room and would be perfect! Lori ran downstairs to ask the landlord if we could rent that room instead and he grumpily said “No, that other guy is still in there”. We were disappointed and wondered why we hadn’t seen anyone in there. 
We sat on the bed talking. It had been years since we had spoken. We had had a falling out in university and never saw each other again. I asked her about her son, and she was so happy to talk to him.  Then a feeling of dread came over me.  How had I left B at home without me, 5 hours away, while I went to school?  I told Lori that B could hardly stand it between when her Dad picks her up from Day Care and I get home from work, because she missed me so much.  How would she handle all of this time without me? I wouldn’t even be able to call her because it would upset her too much. She would cry and beg me to go home.
We were having supper with old university friends, and I suddenly said I didn’t think I would go to university. I would go to a different type of school, probably for just one year.  Then I remembered that the Shambalah Centre was just up the road from us, and I was really excited that I could actually go there and do meditation, since last time we lived there, I hadn’t tried.  
I decided to go out for a walk.  As I walked along, I noticed bins on the side of the road, all the way up the road. In the bins were things that shops or people no longer wanted, like a free yardsale.  People would look through the bins as they went by and if there was anything they wanted, they would just pick it up and take it. Good idea I though.
Suddenly I knew what I would do for school! I had recently received an email (in real life) about a 6-week “Weekend only” Hypnosis training course in Halifax! I had replied (in real life) that I was no local so could not attend, but now what I moved here it would be perfect! I would only be six weeks gone! Maybe B could come visit me during the week!  I was so excited. I would have to find the school the next day. I was driving a car around, kind of nervous, but happy to have a car this time while living in the city.  I drove to the end of the road.
At the end of the road, I pulled into a hotel to turn my car around.  I turned around, and a woman thought I was going to hit her but I didn’t.  Now I had to wait to cross the road and head back up the street.  Now I was walking, and had a little skateboard. I was nervous to cross the road because of the traffic.  There was a woman behind me,  waiting to push me across the road, but she was making me nervous! Finally it was time to cross, and she pushed me across the road, and started pushing me up the hill as I stood on my little skateboard.  I noticed a kid on a skateboard beside me. I was nervous I would fall, because I was wobbly.  So I started to push with one of my own feet to gain balance.
I continued up the road towards the house, and noticed different doors and businesses as I went.  To my left there was a magical new age bookshop. I wanted to stop but it was closed.  Beside that, I saw “Rune” symbols (?) on the wall and realized you could go in there for some type of rune stone reading or something?
To the right there was a professor’s office, and there were little chocolates to give away by the door. I wondered if he always filled that chocolate bowl up every day. 

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