Erik’s School of Questions and Answers

I wish so much that I could remember this part more clearly.  When I woke up, I remembered it so well and thought I would be able to remember it until morning. Argh shouldn’t I know better than that???! Anyway, we were at a type of school room, there were probably about 20 of us in the “class”.  Who was our teacher? Erik from ! I was SO thrilled and excited by this chance. What I couldn’t believe was that I could see Erik clearly as though he was alive, and full human form. Some part of me thought that we were in a different dimension were this was possible, was I was still so shocked that even then I could see him in a solid physical form.  We were all allowed to ask him questions, about ANY thing we wanted.  We asked profound questions and he answered all of us without hesitation. Oh my gosh, wasn’t it great. He knew all of our names, a girl beside me was named Mary.  I just.. can’t remember any of the questions 😦 I do know that of course every girl was in love with him, but he didn’t like questions about that. He didn’t want us saying this like that.  I tried to take pictures to save them for later.

Next we were supposed to fly in an airplane to the top of a mountain, so class was over. We had to go to the tip of LA to get to the top of a mountain on Scotland. I thought it was kind of exciting to be going to see what LA looked like! It was kind of sad and desolate as we went through.  The weird thing was, the mountain was not very big, more like a hill. Once we got to the top, we would take some sort of touristy pulley system thing to the bottom.  At that time, a little boy told me he had taken several trips up the ski mountain but had a really hard time getting on the chair lift himself.  He was quite upset about it so I told him to try using the t-bar instead and not to worry.
Next thing, scene changed (or what I cam remember), and I had two little twin babies, white skin and blonde blonde hair.  I went to take them out of bed and noticed they were very warm.  I finally was able to get their temperatures taken and they were 90.4. In the dream, a high fever was considered about 87. I was SO upset and freaked out! OH my gosh! What do I do?! I took off their clothes and ran to get a cold cloth to wipe them down with. I searched everywhere for Tylenol, and finally I saw my husband who said he had already given them Tylenol. and not worry.  
Next scene, I was outside my old house, just up the road a bit.  I was almost home, and the roads were icy. I was walking and there were tonnes of people behind me as well. One woman had a sled, and I asked if I could borrow it to slide to my house. It would be so fun! She had a little girl about 1.5 years old and I said she could jump in with me.  The woman decided no, since they would go the other way. I asked if I could just try it once and then run it back and she said yes. So I slid down the road, went over a bump/ramp, flew in the air and spun around. I could have gone further but didn’t want to walk back TOO far.  It was so fun! I ran the sled back to her. I saw someone coming (I think it was Erik again!) with another kid on his crazy carpet, and they flew through the air too. So fun!!!  
Next I think I was back in Erik school, and I had taken pictures, and was trying to show them to my husband. Most of them looked like professional gymnastics pictures of my classmates, so I briefly wondered if I had even taken them.
Now, back to the house I grew up in.  I had a boyfriend and I loved him.  It was a new relationship and I was in high school now.  I was downstairs trying to find sometime cute to wear to school. I was wearing these light blue jeans that seemed a bit short and tight. I paired it with a white t-shirt and an oversize pink sweatshirt. Ick it looked awful!!! I ran down to my room to find something better. My mom gave me a sparkly top and I thought I would wear that with a black cardigan. I was trying to get dressed but all of the lights went off. I went to my room and none of them worked. A breaker must have blown but I knew nothing about them.  Finally I found my phone and turned the flashlight on and everything was bright again.

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