Old Lady on the Bus

I was on the bus, going to Fredericton to go shopping. I thought to myself, “Isn’t it strange I’m taking the bus instead of driving myself?” I tried to think of a reason I had done that and came up with the idea that I must have been scared to drive on the icy roads and thought the bus would be safer. I thought “Shoot, I was going to go to some shops a bit outside town, but now I will just be able to go to the mall. Oh well”.

I was sitting with an elderly woman next to me, to my left.  She was probably about 80 years old.  She was dressed nicely and I thought about how old ladies always dress so nice when they go out.  We were chit chatting and she talked to me about how her granddaughter had never even rode the bus before, thinking it to be an outdated mode of transportation. I pretended to be shocked but actually I wasn’t very comfortable riding the bus myself.
As we got closer to Fredericton, I tried to watch carefully out the window to see and remember where I got off, so I could try to figure out where to get back on when I wanted to go home. I wondered what time the bus would be back to pick us up, and how I would ever figure it out.
We got off the bus, and the old lady and I sat on a bench together. I guess we had to transfer on the next bus to get to the mall.  This freaked me out a bit and I worried that I would never be able to figure out how to get back home. I walked over to the bus sign and asked a man how to get to the mall. He looked at me like I was stupid, and pointed at the sign that said bus to the mall. Oh.
I went back to sit with the lady. This part isn’t really clear, but she was telling me some type of advice. Something about doors, and if they were open or closed. I volunteered to check the door behind us. I opened it, and closed it. It had a storm door on front that swung a bit, and I closed that too.  When I came back to her, her head was hanging down onto her chest like she was asleep. I was very alarmed. Is she dead?! Ahhh!!  I was freaked out and looked around for someone to help us. 

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