The Short Bus

This started at school. I was a teacher and I had report cards to process. They came to my desk as little cards about the size or boarding cards for an air plane. It was the first day of school, so somehow they had been processing over the summer, and today I would sort them and give them out. My Aunt M was also a teacher, so I called her to see if she had received hers.  She said yes she had, and she had been sorting through them at her desk (apparently she will worked at her regular office job and did the teaching after work) but had dropped the one belonging to me behind her desk and forgot it. She would find it though and give it to me. 

The day was over, and it was time to leave school. I was at the elementary school, and went outside to get on the school bus. (I was now a kid) Shoot. There were about 25 buses all lined up, and since it was a new year, they changed the order and placing of them. I was slightly annoyed at the principal, Mr. Roy for coming up with this plan. He probably thought he was somehow being efficient but probably didn’t stop to think of the chaos it caused. Well, I would just have to find my bus. I looked around, and didn’t even know where to start. Finally I saw some kids I knew getting on a bus and followed them, I looked up and saw it was my old bus driver, Frankie in the window, so I knew it was the right bus.
When I got on, the driver was actually a girl from my own bus route, Doreen. I walked onto the bus, and realized it was a really weird small bus, with about four bucket seats, and then a U shaped bench behind that. What the heck! Where would everyone sit?! I’d better sit down before there were no spots at all. I realized that they had given us this small bus because our route was now very small, and there weren’t a lot of kids in our end of the route any more, and that part of the route had switched over to a different bus. Okay that made sense. 
Doreen started driving and I said “Well, I guess the good thing is, we can get home quicker!” and then, I said “I mean because we don’t have to stop as much” because I was afraid she would drive really fast if she thought I meant to go quicker, and I was worried. I looked and she was driving 100km/h in a 50km zone. Ah!! I asked her to please slow down! She was driving in the wrong direction too! Ahhh!! We were getting farther from our actual destination, and ahead I could see some type of water slide amusement park place. She was heading straight for it, and eventually crashed and slipped right into the slippery slides. Some how I got out, and escaped and ran away. I ran and retraced everything we had just done, and got back to the original starting point. I was shocked that I had managed to get back, and that I didn’t get caught up in the details of returning some how, and got off track. Phewf! I made it back and could now continue on and go home! 
I also had a dream getting off of a school bus, and being a bird. My daughter and I were both little round birds, jumping around.  I can’t remember all of the details, except that she had a huge Teddy Ruxpin doll in her backpack. Weird. Image

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