Banana Bread Allergy

I was at my brother’s house, and my Sister-In-Law (SIL) had just made banana bread. She was telling me that she couldn’t figure out how to make good banana bread. It was too white and dry, but that she had only had one banana.  I said maybe more bananas would make it better.

SIL gave a piece to my brother (her husband).  He started gasping for air and we realized he was having an allergic reaction.  I knew I had to find some type of allergy medicine and quick. I started to get try and put my boots on to run to the neighbours for help, but remembered SIL had allergy medicine somewhere. She wasn’t too concerned, and I was freaking out. Brother was turning white, and still struggling to breathe.  
I yelled “WHERE IS THE EFFING MEDICINE!!!!!!!!” and SIL said “Shhh baby is sleeping”. I said “It doesn’t matter right now!!” and I ran to the bathroom. I started opening drawers and throwing things behind me looking for the medicine, when SIL said that she had found it. I ran back out to the kitchen.  She was holding a packet of pills and sort of trying to pop one out. I grabbed it from her and freed a pill, and gave it to my brother. He swallowed it and could immediately start to breathe. I got another one and asked if he needed and he said no, not now.  The pills were blue and he said they were minty and were really cool and refreshing going down.
Sorry SIL, I know you wouldn’t really do that. 🙂

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