Lucid Dreaming Session 1

I was at my Grammie’s house, upstairs.  I was in the hallway looking at her bed.  Where her room was, was now just the hallway, with the bed almost pushed up to the end rail of the stairs. I thought that I remembered her room being so much bigger, thinking back to when I was a kid. The railing was only a few inches high too, and I thought that it seemed quite dangerous. I was worried that my grandparents could have fallen over the rail!

I went downstairs, and there was some type of company there.  I didn’t talk to them much.  Now I was running home, but running from town, back to our house.  I was jogging awkwardly down the road, when one of the girls from my Grammie’s house caught up with me; she was a cousin I hadn’t met before.  She started jogging along with me. I realized then I would have to jog the entire way home, so I wasn’t embarrassed.  I asked her how old she was, and she said 15.  She had dark curly hair in a pony tail.  I asked her where she lived, and she said they just moved to L-ville.  Oh! That’s where I live too!  
The cousin didn’t seem too excited about living in L-ville.  I told her it’s a lot more fun there in the summer. I said “You can swim int he Lake” and she said “EWW” then I said “Yeah I wouldn’t either, but you can swim in my mom’s pool”.  I asked her which house she lived in, and she couldn’t describe it. I asked her the house number, but she didn’t know. Somehow I tuned in and could see a glimpse of her house, and knew it was a couple down from me. I could see my B standing in the photo and the church across the road, so I knew where it was. I told her, but she wasn’t that excited. I could also see they had a personal chef and maid.
We kept jogging back we got to an intersection, and I couldn’t figure out which way to go to get back! Aghh.  One of the signs said L-ville, but it was a street sign and it didn’t seem right. Shoot.  Finally I asked a man that was standing there, and he said to go on the road that seemed like the right one.  I started to go one way but doubted myself.
Then. I realized it was a dream.  My consciousness was now away, and I decided to have a lucid dream for a while.  I bent down to touch the ground, afraid that the dream would slip away if I didn’t ground myself.  I touched the pavement, and the blades of grass. I noticed all of the tiny details. So many details. I wondered for a second how a dream could have so many details. Weren’t dreams usually more general? I looked at my fingernails.  They were my hands but they had tiny brown dots on the nails that reminded me of cradle cap.  I continued to look at all the details. 
Now that I felt stable, and that the dream wouldn’t slip away I thought about what I wanted to do. I wanted to fly up in the air and see where L-ville was so I could go the right direction!  So, suddenly, I shot up into the air and looked around!  I wondered if I could recognize it from a distance.  Out of nowhere it started to rain! I felt I couldn’t fly in the rain, and I started to fall quickly. Then I remembered it was my dream, so I could do what i wanted. I put up an umbrella and shot back up into the sky. Wahoo!!!
I think I started to wake up then. I saw some kind of time table for lucid dreaming, saying that the first time or stage would usually only last about 20 min, but that with more practice, it could go for house. I wondered if that short dream had actually taken twenty minutes.  
I found myself in a small room of my house, and there was a woman there. She was small, and somehow in charge of lucid dreaming.  She was trying to put some type of cartridge into a slot.  I was laying on a bed. Suddenly I was very frightened and knew something wasn’t right. I started screaming for my husband to come, and she jumped on me, and tried to hold me down.  My screams were too quiet, but somehow I managed to escape her and bound into our bedroom to safety. Yeesh.



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