Accidental Eye Surgery

We were at work, my mom and I.  My Grammie U (who last year had a stroke, and also has dementia) was there as well.  We were standing in the hallway, and she was tapping her foot and kind of dancing around.  I looked down at her feet, and she was wearing slippers, the kind with little monster toes on them and fake toenails. I realized that she wasn’t all “with it”.  For a minute I started to panic that she was going to drive herself home! I imagined her in her great big car that she had when I was a little girl.  I looked at my mom and asked “How did she get here??”  Then I realized my uncle J was there too, and mom said that he had brought her, not to worry.

Mom was talking about Grammie’s eye.  She had one eye closed, and mom said that she she had the nurse look at her eye, the only thing she saw was a tendon. Huh? What do you mean?! She said she meant that there was no iris, or pupil or anything.  HUH?? WHY?  My mom said that she figure that when she had had a cataract surgery, the doctor accidentally spliced a part in her eye, which made her entire eye roll back in her head. AHHH!  But since she wasn’t in her right mind, she couldn’t tell anyone.
I ran out to the back of the shop, to find the two nurses we had working for us. I asked everyone where they were but they couldn’t find them.  I would have to find them to check on Grammie’s eye before I decided what to do. Did I have to sue the hospital? What could I do!

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