Dreamy Green Wine

My husband and I had gone to a wedding or some type of event like that.  When it was over, we came out to the lobby type area to the bar.  My husband got a drink and asked if I wanted one. It was daytime, but I thought what the heck. I asked the bar tender for a glass of white wine.  He didn’t hear me at first, so I had to repeat myself and that made me slightly embarrassed.  He filled up a GIANT glass of wine. Holy cow!  It was like half a bottle. He looked at me and asked if I’d like him to put some “dreamy green colour” into it, and I said sure why not.  He handed me the glass. I felt I shouldn’t drink it all because I would surely get drunk from such a giant glass of wine.  My husband excused himself to run to the washroom and I sat at the bar to wait.  

Before I had taken a drink of wine, I accidentally knocked over the glass and spilled the entire thing onto the counter. Shoot. I felt bad that I had spilled it because it was expensive and beautiful, but I was also kind of glad I had, so I wouldn’t have to drink it all.  The bar tender rushed over and said he would fill me a new one. I said “No, no, really that’s okay”.  I expected him to argue with me an insist on refunding my glass, by pouring me another, but he moved onto another customer. Hmph. 

Then I realized why I had spilled it. And the wine morphed into Christmas albums.  I had been looking at the Christmas albums, (including Mariah Carey Christmas), when someone had tickled me.  I felt so uncomfortable that I had just dropped them.  I was now sitting with a man with a strong (Italian?) accent. He was flipping through the albums and telling me why they were special for him

Next I was standing there, on the ground, near the bar, and there were girls from my elementary school there. Suddenly, without warning I slipped and fell down. I reached my hand out to Stephanie, to help me up but she didn’t help. I think I must have pushed her down, and then I wouldn’t help her. Then she knocked me down, and we just kept knocking each other down.




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