Stephen Baldwin’s Party

I was driving my car to the club, just down the road, for a work party.  Since it wasn’t very far, I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt.  I pulled into the club and parked quite far away. Shoot, why didn’t I park close since there were lots of spaces?  I pulled around and parked right in front of the door. I noticed there were lots of people in there, people I knew, but not from work. Oops, they were having a party, and I was too early for ours! One more time, I pulled my car around. For some reason I wasn’t in complete control and I narrowly missed ramming into other cars. Yeesh! I swung my car around and parked right on the edge of the hill that led down to the water. Holy what’s wrong with me? Suddenly I realized I must be drunk! OMG! I got out of the car so I wouldn’t cause any more damage.

As I was waiting, my friend S and her sister were there. S had just had a baby so I was surprised to see her.  Suddenly, she said she didn’t think she could go and grabbed her stomach. I told her I knew what she was feeling and it felt awful.  It was guilt about leaving her baby, and doing something for her self, wasn’t it? She said yes. I said, yes I know! Even though my baby is 2.5 I still remember that feeling in my stomach. I asked if she was nursing, and she said no. I told her not to worry then. her parents could feed him the bottle. I picked her up and gave her loving energy, and walked to the door.  
Hey! There’s Stephen Baldwin!  I realized it was his party. ‘He told us to come into our party room. (It was now a completely different place).  We were at the stop of a staircase, looking down.  Along the right side of the wall, next to the stairs, was a piece of ledge about 3 or 4 inches wide. We had to shuffle along that ledge/wall, to a door at the end.  OMG! Scary! I was so scared! There were a few tacks in the wall that we could hold onto, but they were loose, so you could only hold them for a second, before they fell out.  I just went as quickly as I could and made it to the door!
I went in, and SB (Stephen Baldwin), had his arm around my waist or shoulders.  I could feel the love he had for me, and thought it was funny, because I wasn’t a super model or movie star, but he loved me just the same.  We sat down at the party, and he had his arms around me. I was really content and happy. Then my “mom” came (not my real life mom). She was upset about the situation and the party.  I can’t remember why she was mad though.  I asked her to take the baby home and go rest and I would be home later.  
I saw a sign between SB and I that said something like “Friendship since 1989” or something like that.  We were now a couple, but I realized we had been friends for a long time.
SB and I were now outside, For some reason we were fighting and I was angry. I was surprised I was angry because we were so happy together.  Some how I realized I was a giant or he was a tiny little Stewart Little sized person. Agh! That’s why it could never work!  My mom said “Did you see that coming?  Did you know the reason it didn’t work was because he was small and she was big?” It was like a surprise ending.

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