Bear Advice

I had a lot of dreams last night, many of which are still floating around in my head, but I think I will just post this short one for now.  The others are too fragmented to get down.

I was on the road, driving, when a baby bear came running down the road towards me. Really fast! It was bounding and leaping like a wild horse.  Somehow I avoided it but suddenly the mother bear came galloping now towards me. Ahhh! She looked angry!  There was one more baby bear as well.  They started chasing me, and I tried to drive as quickly as I could, trying to “outrun” the bears. Ahhh!!!!  
Suddenly, this part of my dream ended.  I was now “awake” (but actually asleep) and realized I had had a dream about the bears. I wondered if it was a message from my animal spirit guide.  Suddenly, the bear was there. He wasn’t scary, he was wise with a message to share. 

He showed me my house (which wasn’t really my house), and said that I had over indulged.  He started “deleting” food from the table, taking away the unhealthy things, and showing me how much better if felt to simplify.  He showed me myself with food stuffed in my mouth, and said I was trying to ground myself using this food, but really I didn’t need it.  He showed me how much better and lighter it felt to get rid of all of these things.

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