New Pub in Town

I had this dream about a week ago, while in Florida on vacation with my mom and daughter.  Since it’s still in my head, I thought I’d better record it.
We were in our little town, and Janet, Charles and I, my parents and a couple other families thought about buying a big old house on the corner of the deal road.  It was quite cheap, I think $35,000.  Janet had the idea that we would turn it into a pub. She said the basement was finished so we could use that as a pub.  I thought maybe we could change part of the upstairs into a little hotel so people who drank too much at the pub could sleep there.
Janet and I were trying to come up with a name. I said “The Watering Hole?”, she said it was weird, and came up with something else but I forget now what it was.
So, we all went over to the house. It was all unlocked, so we just went in to check it out.  The entire house was totally empty, stripped of everything. There were only beams. The beams were very sturdy though, and I was impressed how strong the foundation was.  Upstairs was quite small, with a couple of room, and downstairs as well. I wondered how much it would cost us to fix it up, and would we make back the money quick enough to swing it?
We went down to the basement to check it out. It was dark, but seemed like it would make a nice pub.  Just then we looked outside and saw a real estate agent with another couple. Oh no! Were they going to buy it first?! We panicked, but then they went into the next house. Phewf.  We all left to think it over.
Charles and I drove back, and parked in front of the house. I looked up and asked him what colour we should paint it.  It was now a reddish colour, and upon looking closer, we noticed the pain was in such great shape, it didn’t really need redone.  There was a sign on the front of the house saying something like “Historical Property, 1816” or something. I was already imagining what our pub sign would look like on it. 
When I looked into the upstairs window, I saw a small man, with black hair parted in the middle, a bowler hat, and a black moustache. Someone out of the 1800s.  I said to Charles “Do you see that man?!” He couldn’t, because it was a ghost.  Shoot.  Then I saw a baby ghost, with dark brown skin, and a man, who seemed to be a farmer.  Ahh!.  Then out of the house walked a statue of an angel, called Michael. It was a ghost too, and hobbled to our car. Ahh! I tried to make it go away but it was trying to get in the car.
We sped off and up the road to my mom’s house. I was supposed to sleep upstairs alone, but I was so scared! I begged my mom to let me sleep in their house.  I told my parents what I had seen, and my dad mentioned that he did know one person, an old man, who had the same experiences. He said he MIGHT be able to put me in contact with him.
My dad left, and my mom said I wasn’t allowed to use the computer because I would go snoop on dad’s facebook and find the man. I said “No I won’t! I really won’t!” She was mad and said that I would. I said “Why don’t you believe me?! You always believe me!!”
The End
Also, when I was on vacation, I had a dream I was at my old baby sitter’s house. My grampy was there (who has passed to the other side).  He was smiling, and so bright, and pointing at me (He always pointed at me, as a way of endearment).  I said to the person beside me “Can you see my gramp?!” and she said no.  He walked down the hallway, looked back and smiled, and faded to sparkly light. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPY! He would have been 82 yesterday.

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